And this is how my last day in school for this term ended…

Now at level 22 in Kali! I reset my skills using a skill initialization scroll. I messed them up even more… Anyways!

I’m done with my last two final exams for this term.

I did okay in FMMICRO, I think. I just didn’t get the last part ( problem solving about Collusive (Cartel) vs Non-collusive Oligopoly (Scatelberg)).

Whereas in FMMACRO, I didn’t really studied-studied last night nor did I have the chance to study during the 1230pm – 6pm break because all I did was eat lunch and hang out with a friend in EGI, and in the ampitheater. We were supposed to go to MOA but she got lazy so we just spent the hours in EGI. I just reviewed a little using MaFIA’s reviewer… But the night before our OBLICON exam last Tuesday, I studied the whole lessons with sir’s ppt. But even after reading the ppt, I just guessed most of my 74 answers during the exam. I also felt sleepy since I slept at 1:30am studying for FMMICRO and woke up at 4:30am to review again. While taking the test and at the back of my mind, all I kept thinking about was ” This is the last exam! I can’t wait for this to be over! It’s finally summer!”. I was feeling lazy to think deep that I was the second one to pass my test to sir.

This term, I’ve realized that I haven’t been focusing too much on my studies. Instead, I keep on going out with friends. I may not like the results of my grades for this term. D:

While hanging out in the ampitheater, we had a “minireview” using the notes I printed. I let her borrow them since I wasn’t really in the mood to study at that time, so I just borrowed her laptop and played this Visual Novel, the Prince of Nigeria. LOL.

Then, she saw this drawing of mine on a tutorial on how to draw a hand and a foot, I confiscated them as soon as I found out. Next was the “ribok” thing. I didn’t want to let my doodles/ scribbles to be seen by anyone. :)) I just don’t like it. Everyone else was looking because we were so noisy…


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