I don’t wanna be held liable for his failure.

I do not want him to think that I abandoned him. Nor do I want to be blamed if ever he fails the course. I want to help him with the best that I can- with the best of my abilities. Because if I don’t, I will forever be haunted by my conscience in some time in the future. If ever I bump into him, I won’t manage to look him in his eyes straight for I will remember the time when he was continuously asking for my help when he desperately needed my aid, but what have I done? I ignored his plea instead.

He is not really performing well on his quizzes. He nags on how he might fail, and that Finance was not really his course; he should have taken Marketing instead. All those times as I listen to his woes, how unsure his voice sounded, how he didn’t want to fail, I couldn’t say any reassuring words to cheer him up…

I hated how everytime someone shares his problems to me, I don’t know how to react.

At that time, I had the urge to help him or anyone who’s having trouble as a matter of fact the course and teach him what I understand about the subject, and try to explain them to him even though explaining things verbally is my weakness.

Tomorrow. 8am. He sent me a text message and even PMed me on Facebook that I go study with him(no malice) while his friend did the same- texted me that I tutor them.

I was suprised when I read the word tutor. I’m no expert at all. I just get grades which are not even that high. But the overall peromance of the class is not that good. But I am one of thefew who belongs to the otherwise…

Anyways, I felt hesitant because a “tutor” let’s you understand things which are incomprehensible for you. But with my “explaining skills”, I might end up confusing them. Also, I was to allot that time into studying for my other final exam in Fmmacro. But I have decided today that I will go to them, and help them.

I just don’t like the feeling when my friends get poor grades while I have an okay grade- while they feel depressed. I don’t feel happy at all.

I want everyone to be happy.

everybody happy! happy happy!
everybody happy!
happy happy!

-Ria N.


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