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A Group’s gotta do what a group’s gotta do.

What makes me really enraged in groupworks?

Division of labor.

Every time there’s a school group project, each of the members will and shall designate what part they want to work on so as to be fair and equal for all.

So, we have this project in one of the courses I am currently taking. It’s about finding an interviewee for a survey we have to conduct about any retail establishments around Metro Manila area in the Philippines. And from that, we have to do a study and write our term paper for that. Our professor has given the said project around 4 weeks ago.

We divided the parts into four since we have four members in a group.

Industry Analysis-
Nature of Competition-

Actually, our “group leader” assigned the parts which we have to work on.

So he chose to work on the Nature of Competition. He assigned Roy for the Introduction, Denise for the Conclusion, and me for the Industry Analysis.

Of course, none of them couldn’t find someone to interview, and I, too, was having a hard time finding one in reality. So what I did was to make an online survey in Google Docs since it would be faster to find someone surfing the net and then answer from there online. Instead of going around an area and find someone personally.

I’ve been sending the online survey to some of my Facebook friends staying in Manila that it would look like a spam already since what I’m saying to them were all just a copy and paste of the other.

Luckily, my brother’s friend knows someone who owns a retail establishment here in the Philippines. The latter said that he knows someone who owns a Ministop franchise store. So I was really glad and immediately sent him the link for him to forward it to the owner of the store.

While I updated the group on how I was just waiting for the owner’s response, I’ve found out that they haven’t really been looking for someone to interview by that time. All they did was chill and slack off. So, in short, I was the only one efforting and the only one who was feeling the pressure.

I let it pass…

As soon as I got the response for the online survey, I posted the answers on our Facebook groups for them to also see the results.

After that, I started working on my part- the industry analysis so that I’ll get done weeks before the deadline and I don’t have to cram and I’ll get to erase one of my super duper long to-do-list for my academic stuff.

To my surprise, the “leader” was the first to post in the group but it still wasn’t complete. He finished the SWOT and external analysis. Next was Roy with his introduction. A day has passed when I’ve actually finished mine and posted a link of my work in Google Docs since I didn’t  have MS Office Programs installed in our dad’s laptop. Oh you know, it was only an 8-paged single spaced review on Ministop’s industry…

He then liked and commented on my post: “Nice one”. So I was guessing that I was officially done and he reviewed my part already. To my dismay, he didn’t. I only find out today- a day before the deadline.

So yeah, we were just waiting for the leader to complete his part and Denise’s conclusion.

Unfortunately, this leader was having problems with his part on the nature of competition’s internal analysis. So he made ME do it. He kept on bugging me the past 2 weekends for me to work on. I’ve explained to him that I already finished my part on the Industry Analysis so why do I have to do his part after he volunteered to work on the Company’s Nature of Competition. It’s supposed to be HIS job.

I really loathe him…. hahaha. >:( :))

I mean he’s capable of doing that part since he’s verbal-linguistically smart when it comes to classroom recitation. I don’t know if he’s just slacking off or he really doesn’t know even though he’s the GROUP LEADER.

But I let this pass, TOO…

So I worked on the industry analysis- about Ministop’s performance and organizational structure the last weekend. I posted my work on our Facebook group. And he, again, liked and commented on it:”Nice one” -_- Well, I ain’t having a nice day because of you. >:)) Hahajoke!

Now that our professor for this course was already talking about our pre-final grade last meeting (April 10th Wednesday), and how our term paper’s weight would be 15% on our overall final grade, he told me in class that we should aim for that 15%. I said okay to him, but I was feeling unenthusiastic that I have to work on it again this weekend when it’s already finals next week!

Yesterday, he messaged me if I have an exam on Monday. I knew where this chat was headed to. He was gonna ask me to do something again. So I was thinking that I lie to him, but ended up telling him the truth- which I didn’t know why.

“Nope. I don’t have an exam on Monday. But I do have 2 exams on Tuesday”

He ignored that and continued with, “Can you do this for the internal analysis?” and sent me a link on its basis. He said that I have to add Ministop’s and 7-eleven’s performance using a graph on its stock market. And I’m about to do that- now.

Oh yeah, he’s also “pressuring” me to do a conclusion again. Like what the mother father! Yeah- I’m a mother father gentleman. Yeah! I’m a motherfather gentleman♪. (Watch Psy’s newest MV, Gentleman, in Youtube to relate) :))

I then said okay again… T_T Huhuhu.

I hate him for assigning a lot of things to me, when it has been obviously, I’ve already contributed a lot on the term paper. Why not assign the others for them? Huh? Huh? :| :)) Turns out, he didn’t really reviewed my part when I first posted the link of my work in the Industry Analysis. He just liked it for the sake of liking it and commented on it for the sake of commenting on it. He thought that I didn’t really do anything besides the Internal Analysis. My work has been completely ignored. If I didn’t commented on his latest post on why he didn’t include the Industry Analysis, only then did it hit him. He forgot that the Industry Analysis was part of the term paper. >:( What the what!







*Sorry for flooding you a lot of gifs. I don’t really punch people in their face. I bite them joke! :)) This is just how I feel and this is a hyperbole :))*

I also hate not being able to assert myself and say no even if I don’t like what I have to do. Huhuhu.

It has been a problem of mine since I was in elementary. Usually, I end up doing  a supposedly group activity all by myself…. DON’T WANNA BE ALL BY MYSEEEELF ANYMOOOORE♬… :)) K. :))


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