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I get scared when some random people across the street approach me and then try to get my attention.

Usually, they start off with: “Ate, ate pwede magtanong?” “Miss, excuse me, nagshashare kasi kami ng…” “Miss, pahingi naman ng P20, kailangan ko sumakay ng bus.” And things like that.

My heartbeat would get eventually faster during those moments, so I’d increase my pace to get away from them as fast as I could.

I think I wouldn’t get used to this even as I grow older.

And I ended up in a similar situation again, just a while ago in Doroteo Jose Station.

I was on my way to the bridge/overpass connecting LRT1 and LRT2 when I saw some guy in his late 20s/ early 30s standing on the corner. I glanced at him while he stared at me.

When I was only about 3 meters away from where he was, he then approached me, and started talking to me in English.

I was like: Ba’t ka nag-eenglish?

As usual, I got scared and just walked passed by him as fast as I could.

I glanced at the person behind me who also passed the same way as me.

Why didn’t he approach her? Why me?

It took me a while before I’ve processed what words he kept on uttering. I mean I heard him, but I didn’t actually listen.

When I was on the other station, only then did it hit me.

These were the words he said:

“Excuse me, miss. Hi. I’m Blaine. And we’re campaining for Pantene-” His voice trailed off after I’ve managed to distance away from him some 5 meters or so.

I realized that he was an employee of Pantene and maybe, just maybe, he was looking for hahaha “hair models”. *I’m such a feeler, I know =))*

You see, I was confident that I have a great hair today. Yes, today only. I washed my hair properly with L’oreal Damage Repair Shampoo, and its conditioner. I felt it wasn’t dry at all like when I’m having a bad hair day…

Hahaha. I used to have a really pretty, silky, shiny, light brownish hair when I was a kid. Only when I was until in 3rd grade. Then my younger sister influenced me to do something bad after she lied how she got her bangs. I wanted to have a “bangs” of my own so I asked her how she did it, she told me that she used our old remote controlled electronic toy car, and she placed it over her head. Turned it on. Some of her hair got stuck on the wheels, so she cut them out.

So I did what she told me.

The result? A forever damaged hair! >:(( :))

Turns out, she cut her hair since she couldn’t get a hairbrush off her hair.

What a liar :)))

Anyways, I’ve also seen my mom pull a strand of dead hair every night so  that she could get rid of them. I, likewise, did the same.

I got addicted, I didn’t know why. But it has become my habit.

The result?

A bald part on the center of my head became obviously visible. My mom then told me that I should stop doing it because of what just happened, and that I should just let them grow. But until now, that part on my head where the electronic toy car got stuck, and where I eventually kept on pulling out strands of dead hair even when I’m in school(someone in my class noticed and had observed this habit of mine, and she then did the same; we both had a circular bald piece on our head when we were in 4th/5th grade. We both have damaged hair until now lol) or every night time, made that part dry and damage and dead even until now.

I’ve “researched” some things about dead hair on the internet. Unfortunately, even after you pull one out, a dead hair would eventually come sprouting out. In short, a dead hair would forever be a dead hair.

But with proper shampoo techniques and with applying a right amount of conditioner, I can temporarily have a great, beautiful hair like I once had. Huhuhu. :))

Oh yeah, a classmate of mine also asked me if I brushed my hair after we have our lunchbreak- on our first period in the afternoon.

Well, I did brush my hair.

So you can imagine how damaged my hair was during that time.


9 thoughts on “Scary!!!

      1. woah woah woah! Hahaha! Karate sounds so cool.

        … kata??

        I’ve learned the basics of Wushu back when I was in high school and taekwando in my first year in college. ._. :)) haha

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