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“Malling” with a bunch of computer geeks :B. Loljk x))

Yesterday, I went to a mall with a friend together with her brother since her brother’s gonna buy some computer accessories and stuff. I’m not exactly sure what they’re called. While my friend decided and went to buy a graphics tablet for herself.

Of course we went there via taxi and they paid for my fare since my friend was the one who insisted that I go with them. Mehehe! She also lent me her clothes since I was, either to wear my corporate attire(while wearing a skirt) or my pyjamas, so I had no choice but to borrow her malling clothes which could fit me. I donned a rainbow-colored shirt top and her striped leggings.


We first went to look for an ATM Machine so that the two of them could withdraw some cash. Luckily for my friend, her parents have already sent her monthly baon, so she withdrew more or less 2K? Not sure tho. When it was her brother’s turn, his ATM didn’t have any money yet so we left right after and went to look for EDGE, the store where my friend’s elder brother checked out what he ought to buy. The personnel there told him that there was only 1 stock left for whatever he was going to purchase. Nyahaha! What such luck. He was enraged right after hearing that news.

We left the store, and then looked for CDR King, the place where my friend’s going to buy her first ever graphics tablet! Like me, she adores drawing anime. As soon as we arrived at the store, she asked for the tablet she saw a week ago when she went with her high school friend, but the only stock remaining was the small version worth P1460. The screen was too small to draw something, so we left since there was no stock of the bigger version. What is happening in the world? Lol.

So we left the store, the two of them all sulky and upset. We went to the ATM Machine again to check if their dad has already sent the brother some cha-ching $$$. He also told us that if their parents didn’t send him anything, we’ll leave the mall via taxi again. The two of them kept ranting and they looked funny when they walked grumpily. :))

Fortunately, when the bro checked his ATM account, his parents have already sent him some chaching. His mood completely changed 360 degrees lol. He was all, “Yaaaay! Happy Ending!”, “Hey girl, like check out what I’ve got~ (in LSP’s voice)” and bubbly and cheery and all. It was as if he didn’t act his age. He is crazy.

Now I know where my friend got her “lunaticity”. :)) Lol.

So we went back to EDGE and the brother purchased three medium-sized boxes, and a keyboard, the only thing which I could have identified what it was since the rest were all stuff used for nerds/ gamer freaks like him haha :)). I accidentally heard when he was paying on the counter, and the guy said, “P10,900 sir”. I was so shocked that it cost that much! But I pretended not to hear.

While the brother celebrated his happiness and flaunts off his stuff over at his sister’s face, my friend was still upset and all. :)) So next stop, we looked into a nearby electronics store to find her a graphics tablet. We went into about 3 stores before we’ve finally found a tablet which was affordable and was designed for a newb like her lol. :)) The three stores we’ve visited were all talking about Walcolm: “Walcolm, ma’am? Yun yung gamit sa Naruto.” — Okay :)) “Walcolm? Minimum ma’am P10K”. We were about to leave when we’ve managed to see a store selling a tablet on their display showcase. It was only worth P2,490 and it has a bigger screen compared to CDR King’s, and has a much better, purrtier design. It was white with flowers so it was girlyyy. :)) Without hesitation, she bought it. And yay! It was a “happy ending” afterall. :))

Then we commuted via taxi back. And so we tried her tablet at the same time and boy was it hard to control your hand from shaking. Kanvus, the name of the brand, also had 2 mini-games in which you could practice your hand right after installation. We couldn’t get passed level 2 of the first game. But we managed to finish all three levels with the second game. We also drew something and it was so gross to be even posted in public. Haha.

— End of Story. —

Today, when I was taking a break from writing my term paper in Fildlar, I decided to go online in my deviantart. To my surprise, she uploaded 2 new digital artworks using her tablet. Boy did she improve fast! I can already imagine how far she can get with her potential. NUUU!

Now I am also forced to buy a tablet when I saw it. I commented on one of her works then she told me that I should buy one too.

I want! But I’ve just bought myself a new phone so I have to stop splurging. I’ll save for the tablet now and I might buy later. Wooot! :D


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