Lack of sleep?

I’ll make this short:

Last April 10th (Wednesday), I did a lot of weird and embarrassing stuff:

Woke up at 3:30 in the morning and started working on my Fildlar Term Paper which was to be submitted the following day and worked on it until 9am with a bit of surfing the net of course.

  • During breakfast: After ate has finished cooking for our breakfast, I immediately checked what she cooked since I was feeling famished. I was glad to see one of my favorites- chicken nuggets with cheese filling! So I ate two of them. It tasted weird but I just thought that ate doesn’t really know how to cook them properly so I kept on munching. When it was lunchtime, nobody from my siblings had their breakfast, so the nuggets were added for our lunch. I was the first to eat lunch, and since cheese-filled-nuggets were my fave, I ate 3 or 4 of them again. Not minding how different it tasted…

When our youngest sister ate one, she immediately barfed. And ranted how awful the nuggets tasted like. Turns out, it was already rotten! Why did anyone inform me that it was stuck in our freezer for almost 4 months already? Like what the! Even ate didn’t inform me. So that’s why she didn’t ate anything at all during breakfast time. >:O

  • While riding the LRT: In J. Ruiz Station. I was seated while I reviewed a little for my POLISCI finals but then I fell asleep since I slept at 1:30am then woke up at 3:30 am. I couldn’t remember exactly but I was sure that I was having a lucid dream. Something in my dream made me surprise and clapped my hand. In reality instead of clapping my hand, I accidentally threw my handouts I was holding into the air! Towards the guy seated on my left. He tried to catch it with both of his hands but I’ve managed to catch it with my left hand before he did. Everyone was still and quiet at that time, so everyone turned their heads toward me and locked their eyes on me, too. I was so embarrassed that I covered my face with my handouts and pretended to get back to sleep. But I couldn’t.
  • When I was waiting for a friend outside the Dean’s office: The two of us agreed to wait there because we have to fix our schedules for our final exam since there’s a conflict in our subjects: OBLICON and FMMACRO so we had to get it fixed in the Office of the University Registrar (OUR). I didn’t know how long it was going to take her to get on our designated meeting place. I didn’t have load at that time so I couldn’t text her… So anyways, while I was taking a stroll on the hallways, I saw “her” seated outside the SDRC Office with a friend. Well, at least I thought she was her. I was already smiling intently when I was on my way to approach the two of them. On the way, I thought for a second why she brought a friend when it was our issue in the first place. Oh well. I shrugged that thought off, and stood infront of the two of them. They were busy reading their green forms that they only noticed my presence after 5 seconds have passed. When they turned their heads to meet me, I waved my hand in a big, circular motion while smiling stupidly.

While they were like: … O_O OoO Do I know you?

I realized that it wasn’t her! Embarrassed, I said that I was sorry and turned around, and went straight back outside the Dean’s office while laughing- at myself. Some of the students along the way were staring at me- why I was laughing alone. :))

Oh wellz!


Me. When I only have 2 hours of sleep :))