Repost: Liar Game!



<3 i love it when the two of them tries to outwit the other
<3 i love it when the two of them tries to outwit the other


This is just a repost from my Tumblr blog since I suddenly miss reading Liar Game. Huhu. I started reading it this term. And every weekend, I would read a volume of it. I can’t remember when I stopped reading. :O But I do remember why. I stopped at Vol 14 since the chapters in Vol 15 was still not yet complete back then. I didn’t want to read by chapters so I stopped there. I didn’t check any updates after that. Also, it’s because lately, I’ve been bombarded with loads of  academic works to do. While everyone else’s having their summer vacay right now, I still have three more weeks until the last day of our finals. Fast forward to Apr 19, please! D:

Anyways, here’s the repost: (Got carried away with ranting about school lol)

The last 2 days, I’ve been reading volumes 5, and 6 of Liar Game. I’m pretty much hooked up with it. Of course, I got “acquainted” with this series over a year ago, when my brother was watching it in his laptop. I think he told me to watch it at that time. So, I tried it and I immediately loved it. Unfortunately, I was only until episode 4 when my brother reformatted his laptop. So, I watched it on Youtube instead. However, the uploads were only until episode 10, which is in Volume 4 in the manga, so that hindered me from watching the whole series. So instead of watching, I decided to just read the manga in as it is more complete than the series. Right now, I’m in volume 7, chapter 61. And I might stop with the said chapter for now because I still need to take a bath because my siblings and I are going to SM Cubao to buy a new water dispenser and also buy groceries in Rustan’s for the span of seven days.

That’s all for now!



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