Despedida Party.

“Dear Diary”,
Okay, you know that I’m not into outdoor activities and such. I’m pretty much the indoor type of girl and this might be the reason why I’m socially awkward. Anyways, this upcoming Sunday, some of my high school friends and I were planning to meet up in UP. Last time, I wasn’t able to go with them since I slept at 1 in the morning that night so I still felt really sleepy even though I have set my alarm at 12 noon. So I decided to just get back to sleep even though I told them I would go. I’m really lazy, I know. Even until now, as I’m writing this, I still feel hesitant but I promise that I’ll go whatever happens since I consider it a “despedida/ farewell party” for a friend since she’s going back to China to study. Must see her before she leaves for good. :o
Hohoho! Ohwells. I hope I wouldn’t get bored lol.
-Ria N.

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