Addicted to Games~

Been playing this game since last week and I’ve managed to get to level 13 after playing for four hours. What got me hooked up with Dragon Nest aka DN was its graphics and the use of keyboard and mouse simultaneously. I’ve been playing some MMORPG games way back when I was still in first year high school, but DN is a lot more complicated in terms of its controls. Unlike in some online games that I’ve tried, you can single-handedly just use your mouse and hover over your skills list and click the one you want to use.

Anyways, the first game that I got engrossed with was Trickster and my job there was a model. Hahaha. I chose it because it was the only character I found cute haha. I couldn’t remember what jobs there were exactly but I do know that there’s obviously a mage, and a warrior, I guess? Oh! I’ve still got a couple of screenshots stored in one of my Facebook albums cuz that’s how addicted I was. My sister introduced the game to me when I was attending Summer Enrichment Program in Ateneo and I remember sleeping at 2am just to level up. Haha. Don’t get me wrong, my elder sister’s not a gamer and me neither. Her ex was the one who introduced it to her, then subsequently, she introduced it to us , her younger siblings.



As you can see, even though the game’s graphics’s only 2d it’s still so cute that I want to play it again though my age wouldn’t suit and wouldn’t be appropriate to play it again just because it’s cute. It would be embarrassing if I play it now.

When I was in third year high school, Facebook applications became a total hit and one of those applications was this game called Pet Forest haha. I remember that some of my friends, and batchmates would go online and meet up and party against some boss like Leviathan to clear up a certain stage, or play against one another. I remember getting killed by my classmate who was a Priest at that time. I focused on increasing my dexterity to its maximum so it’s obvious that I have a higher damage but since he was a Priest I couldn’t kill him since he kept on healing himself. In the end, I lost huhuhu. We also used to race against each other’s level since my friend, Hina, was a complete addict haha, that my seatmate and I agreed to beat Hina’s level hahaha. But we didn’t manage since I’m not that “addicted” compared to her hahaha.

My character there was an archer with blue hair and red eyes. Due to my love for the game, I remember that I kept on doodling my character at the back of my notebooks and list its build and skills stats. Sadly, I didn’t have any screencaps of the game when we played. Pet Forest was one of my few favorites because I enjoyed meeting up online with some people I know in the real world and then combat against bosses. Good times, good times!

photo not mine.
this, too, isn’t mine.

Characters are the usual- warrior, mage, priest and a ranger. I don’t remember why I chose ranger, tho. I guess I wanted to try something new, something which wasn’t a melee type. Idk. LOL.

Moving on…

When I was in college, I stopped playing for a year because our desktop didn’t work for a whole year. After a year, my brother and I went to a computer repair shop in Gilmore and that was when we finally got it fixed. Then, I think I’ve accidentally bumped into and found this advertisement in a forum, then I thought I might wanna try that game. It sounded familiar too so I downloaded it right after. After days of waiting, the download was finally completed and all set, I immediately tried it and played it. The game was Grand Fantasia.

It was my first time playing an RPG game which was 3D so I was captivated by the graphics and all the appearance of the high skilled users there. I remember wishing, “Sana maging totoo ito”. I actually wished that the game was really real and I’d get to see those horses and heroes looming around one village after the other.

Anyways, this time, I chose a Paladin which was somewhat a “sub-class” of a Priest because, as what I’ve mentioned before, I got beat up by my classmate back then in high school when he was using a Priest against my Ranger. So I chose a Paladin, which not only was good at healing but also, it was okay with the offense. I named it Ruiskye, which was Re:Alistair inspired haha since the main character’s name there was “Merui”, so I chopped of “Me” and used “Rui + skye”. Since I loved the name “Sky” for a pet dog, and I wanted it to be unique, I added a letter “e” at the end of the word “sky” hahahaok. So that’s how Ruiskye was made. But unfortunately, since I was a noob at the game, all I ended up was mess the character’s build.



So, I created a new character named “ZacharyFTW” since I have a huge crush on Zac Efron at that time haha. Anyways, when I posted my character Ruiskye on my Facebook account, my friend in HS, Hina, commented that she was also playing the game. So for two nights, we’ve been meeting up again last October online and playing as a party. Too bad, after two full days of playing, our desktop wouldn’t turn on again. Huhuhu. And until now, our computer still isn’t fixed.

And now, like what I’ve told you, I’m hooked up with DN because a friend of mine introduced me to it. So every Wednesdays, during our three hour break, we would meet up in Andrew Second floor, at the computer lab, and right after that, we’d go straight ahead to U-mall, and play hahaha. I used to play an Archer (Char name: Roxlibr Lvl 5) since its level was beginner-recommended but I hated it since I couldn’t target monsters exactly from afar. Even though, an Archer’s supposed to be a long-range attacker, I still have to get into the front lines and shoot, and eventually risk myself when I’m using a short-ranged attack. So I made a new character and this time, used a Sorceress (Char name: Reylirey Lvl 13) since its difficulty level was intermediate. I was, originally, aiming for a Paladin again but its difficulty level was already that of an expert so I changed my mind.

character not mine but she resembles my character except that my hair's purple and not pink hehehe
character not mine but she resembles my character except that my hair’s purple and not pink hehehe
photo not mine. Next time, I’ll try to make sure to capture a screenshot with me and my friend( Engineer Lvl 23) while battling a boss.
it’s also 3D so me likey.
photo not mine.

I’ve spent a total of P155 already for playing for 5 hours but at least, I don’t have to spend it and consume my money on food in which I’ll get even fatter in the end. I don’t even have to spend anything on food now that I stay in Taft at my cousin’s condo so it’s okay haha.

I’ve also played a couple of offline games before when I was in elementary with my sisters like Little Fighter 2 (super addicted), Ragnarok Battle Offline(super duper addicted. I remember listing down all the skills we learn and redownloading it 3 times already and playing it when I was in first year in college. First played it when I was an incoming first year student in high school in Manila, copied it in Naga, downloaded it again after our desktop got fixed, and downloaded it in Kuya’s laptop) and Project64 when I was in 6th grade, Bandmaster when I was in third year HS, and Re:Alistair when I was a frosh huhu. And recently, The Walking Dead.

I am really inclined into playing games- any type of games, computer games or not( FB apps, mobile apps, brick games, Gameboy advance games, PC games, Ten Twenty, Chinese Garter, Langit Lupa, Pepsi Pepsi Seven Up, Pamela One haha. You name it lol.) But it would be embarrassing if I call and label myself a “gamer”. Idk. I get almost addicted immediately but I’m no expert. I think expertise is a definite prerequisite for one to be able to call himself a “gamer”.


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