Looking forward to LEAP2k13!

Last year’s Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program, also known as LEAP, there were a total of 247 Classes listed on LEAP2k12 Class List but I’ve broken them down to the ones I liked and I thought would be really fun.untitled16

Laser Tag, Ice Skating, Archery, Underwater Hockey, Gun Shooting, Fencing, Shoe Painting, ABS-CBN Studio Tour and Showtime Visit and Photography. OH! I wanted to experience all of them so badly. I was so excited for those upcoming events but we only had to choose one class. :( So, so sad. What did I choose then? All of them seem to define what fun was. Where did I sign up for?

LEAP 2012 was scheduled last February 14. Valentine’s Day. I celebrated it alone and it was pretty awkward walking all by myself around our university while everybody else had pairs to eulogize the said occasion. Anyways, my LEAP class at that time was Paper Marbling because I had no other choice since all of the class (e.g. Archery, Underwater Hockey, Target Shooting, Laser Tag, Ice Skating, Shoe Painting, and a chance to visit to Showtime Studio) I’ve wanted to enroll were already unavailable at the time I logged in for the online enrollment.
But when the class started, I realized that it was actually cool to learn to how to paper marble. The materials needed were water, brushes, paint, (gloves and newspapers for messy people) and oslo paper. I also met a new friend named Lam because we were asked to form pairs. So yeah and here’s what we did.


















I learned something new back then and I didn’t regret that I actually enrolled in that class. That activity exercised and stimulated the right side of my brain. :P

Now, for this year’s LEAP, I’ve managed to enroll at the 2nd day of enlistment, which was today. I wasn’t really aware that the enrollment started yesterday so when I checked my MLS account, there were no remaining slots left in any of the activities.

So when I checked my MLS account today, I felt hopeless again since the class that my friends and I were supposed to attend to had no more slots available. We were planning on targeting Laser Tag as our top priority, next was a chance to visit Showtime Studio, and then Ice Skating. She texted me that there were still 2 slots left remaining for Laser Tag but I only received her text an hour later. Because of that, I messaged her on Facebook on what class she had enrolled in but there was no reply. So I browsed the page and the only open slots were:

A..) Visit an orphanage- Meh. :|

B.) Learn Wushu- Meh. :\ I already know some of the basics. Hehe.

C.) Swimming 101- I don’t like to wear a swimsuit in front of the class and expose my body fats! D: lol

I had no urge on continuing to browse if there was still any open slots left. But to my surprise, I saw something which made me feel excited. It was Dragon Boat for a Cause and it’s to be held in Manila Bay! I wanted to experience something new and this IS something new! I totally am in this (even though there’s a possibility that I might fall from the boat accidentally and drown eventually since I don’t know how to swim lol) .

Excited as I am, I searched the net for what this class will offer.


According to Freewebs.com, the students will be able to experience the sporting event dragon boat racing with our very own varsity team who will teach them the basics. Emphasis on varsity team. Nyahaha! Joke!



Ops. San nanggaling yan!lorenzoongkiko3




Photos of the Dragon Boat people aren’t mine. Credits to owners. :D Haha.


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