Look What I’ve Found.

I was fixing my study table last night in preparation for the upcoming term when I saw this. It’s my cousin’s old handouts in Obligations amd Contracts. I don’t know how it got there but I’m assuming that my brother was the one responsible for this.

I told him one time that I’m going to take up Oblicon this term. He retorted how, thinking back, Oblicon used to be a hard one when he took it up in his first year in law school. But now that he’s already graduating, he told me how a piece of cake it was for him now. He also said that if ever I get a hard time understanding it, I could ask him a few things. I told him if he knew something about Atty. Crisostomo Uribe, a terror prof in law our school. He answered emphatically that I should get him because he’s a great prof and that I could really learn from him. I reasoned out that I didn’t want to since law’s not my major, and I might fail Oblion under him, and that would pull down my CGPA in the end. I decided to “play safe”.

So I tried reading the first page but failed to comprehend  because of the nosebleeding words.


I also found a 2×2 photo of my sister taken when she was going to China. Haha!



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