Was there ever a point in your life where there were just so many things to do and accomplish, while you found yourself profoundly trying your best to catch up with those deadlines for those papers, quizzes, projects, and finals endlessly piling themselves up for you to work on them as soon as possible? But you knew how time could be very limited, and you realized that 24 hours a day just isn’t enough to finish all of them time?

Recently, I have. And it’s stressing me.

Since this term draws closer, my professors for every class just kept on designating deadlines. Deadlines keep on poofing out on nowhere. They’re everywhere! I feel stressed. I’ve been sleeping at 3am for three consecutive days studying, writing term papers, and preparing myself for the finals, even though our finals will still start on the 12th.

I am sleep deprived.

And its repercussions have been torturing me- mentally, academically, and physically.

My class always start on 9:40 in the morning but I usually wake up at 6:40 because school’s an hour trek from our apartment. Recently, I’ve been a heavy sleeper like I couldn’t hear the alarm on my phone. I keep on waking up at 7:33am, and yesterday I woke up at 8:24 in the morning! I left home at 9:05 while I got to school at 10am. I was late going to both of my Finstat, and Finman2 class the whole week.

Another negative effect on being sleep deprived that I have experienced this week was that I couldn’t manage to keep myself awake for every 9:40 class that I have. Sometimes, I hide myself against the computer screen on my seat in my Finstat class in order not to get caught by the prof. I always find myself sleeping, if not, yawning inside our classroom. And I couldn’t participate well during recitations as I couldn’t get the lesson because, well, most of the time I didn’t listen to what my professor was saying for I was half-asleep, and half-trying-to-be-awake for the period. Not only that, everytime I ride the LRT from Recto to Katipunan, I also find myself sleeping the whole ride and I always kept on passing Katipunan station. I was even asleep when the passengers were already alighting from the Santolan Station, and I was the only one left on the train. I only noticed that all of the passengers got off from the train when the LRT guard tapped me on the arm. I was that sleepy.

Also, I felt really tired all week. I always walk home all the way from the Katipunan station to our apartment because I don’t want to spend, and I’m saving up for a new phone. And because I want to exercise since I feel that I’m on my fattest state right now and I want to maintain the weight and not gain pounds anymore. I used to not feel tired from walking. But recently, I do. I already get tired and my knees ache everytime I pass by Ministop.

And yesterday, when I was reading about the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci for our paper to be submitted the day after for Humaart using my dad’s laptop, I lay on my sisters bed and placed my laptop on my belly. I felt my eyes droopy and I was skimming the whole article. And I didn’t exactly know that I had already fallen asleep. And I didn’t know how long I was asleep.

I just woke up, with both of my hands still placed on the keyboard, upon hearing the door creaked and some rattling on the desk. I was startled. And so I flashed my eyes open and shouted, “UUUUUUUUY!” turned my head to where the sound came from, and got up from the bed immediately.

It was my elder sister.

“Uuuuy!” She responded. She opened her facial cream and got a cotton. So, that’s what probably woke me up.

“Pirang oras akong turog? (How many hours have I been asleep?)” I asked.

“Dai ko aram. Addict! ( I don’t know. Addict!)” She laughed.

After that I turned the laptop off and decided to cram the paper the day after during my five hour break in the library. I needed to sleep, but I still haven’t brushed my teeth yet nor washed my face. So I did that first.

I was the first one to sleep among my siblings. And it was the first time I experienced that. My younger sister always sleep first.

Right now, I’m basically in a chill mode since it’s a Thursday night. I’m going to finish the rest of what I’m supposed to finish later for the whole Friday- term paper, homeworks, project presentation, oral defense, finals, and more paper.

Last push for this term would be this weekend. And soon, it’s Christmas break already!

P.S. There’s this zit on the right side of my chin which only magically appeared yesterday. It’s big and shiny that everytime I face somebody and talk to them, their eyes are glued on to my zit. I think it’s also because of stress.

P.P.S. Remind me to buy this when hell week’s just around the corner (Haha!)

– Ria


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