I’ve been invited to a birthday party by a close friend of mine in high school. It’s happening later this evening at 7. I don’t know why but I suddenly feel nervous.



Malala Yousafzai.

"The Girl Who Changed Pakistan"

“Malala Yousafzai, the very young Pakistani girl who was shot point blank in the head, simply because she wanted to go to school, learn about the world, and read books.
As you know from the news, she is recuperating in England, and the United Nations had declared Nov. 10 as “Malala Day” to honor her struggle for an education, particularly in a culture that has powerful forces that go against the idea of educating girls and women as a human right, rather than as a privilege of the rich.”

We are faced with the sad realities of the world and how it works- on how social
class, ethnic and racial diversity, gender difference, and such determines our
social standing and power in the society. The world treats you depending on
where you belong among those particular set of categories. The world belongs to
you if you are a rich, and powerful man, as opposed to the poor and
marginalized, in which society ceaselessly ostracize them. Justice, in their
perspective, remains unrecognized.

I think this discrimination thing that happens and how justice continues to be
unprevailed has something to do with the psychological-being of a person. How a
person’s mind works, and his behavior compels him to conform. Who would want to
stand up for someone inferior against the majority and the superior even though
we are aware on how the latter treats the former to be brutally inhumane? A lot
of us usually get scared if we try to oppose the powerful. We are afraid on how
the society will treat us, if we try to do so. We are aware of its
repercussions, so we try to avoid things that would lead us into the “enemy of
the rich and powerful”. Eventually, we pretend to be like one of the “elite”
people just to avoid being tagged as one of the inferiors. I have always
believed that such people who are fearless to stand up for what they think is
right, no longer exist. But this belief changed after I learned about Malala.

Upon hearing the story of this girl from Dr. Evasco in the class, the hairs on
my arms stood up as I continued to listen. This girl just had so much courage,
and sense of justice that I salute her. She was willing to stand up for herself
just to attain an education, in which most of the people who have the capacity
to afford an education only have the access for this, in which in most cases,
they take this forgranted.

We never really realize the value of education not until we become cognizant on
how the others struggle just to attain such right, and need. Malala was shot
point blank in the head because she was a girl who wanted to be educated.

We are faced with the sad realities of the world and how it works- on how social
class, ethnic and racial diversity, gender difference, and such determines our
social standing and power in the society.

The world treats you depending on where you belong among those particular set of

The world belongs to you if you are a rich, and powerful man, as opposed to the
poor and marginalized, in which society ceaselessly ostracize them.

Justice, in the former’s perspective, will continue to remain unrecognized if no
one dares to stand up against those who have wronged them.

I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You.

I found this comic by Yumi Sakugawa in and I couldn’t help but admire how she expresses her feelings in a way that it sets mood as you read it along the way. The post captivated me and left me in trance. I found myself actually empathizing with the persona as I was reading it.

“I have a confession to make. I think I am friend-love with you. I don’t want to date you or even make out with you. Because that would be weird. I just so desperately want you to think that I am this super-awesome person because I think that you are a super-awesome person and I want to spend a lot of time hanging out with you. I want to Facebook chat with you after midnight. I want you to text me to hangout. In a platonic way, of course. I want us to @reply to each other’s tweets and reblog each other Tumblr reblogs because what you find to be beautiful, funny and heartbreaking in this world is what I find to be beautiful, funny and heartbreaking in this world. And when we do hang out, I don’t want to swap saliva. I just want to swap favorite books. I want our hello/good-bye hugs to be a few beats longer than a casual friendly hug but never so long that it becomes a lover’s embrace. And if we were to be sitting on the same couch watching a movie, I might lean my left arm just a little bit against your right arm but never would I put my head on your shoulder or try to hold your hand because that would be weird.

So please, before I completely lose my mind, can you surprise me with pokes on Facebook? Can you e-mail me weird blog links that remind you of me? Can you text me when something crazy happens on the T.V. show we are both watching and let me walk with you to your favorite food truck? In return, I will laugh at all your jokes (even the unfunny ones) and find the best hole-in-the-wall cafes for us to have never-ending conversations in. I will make bad Photoshop drawings commemorating our hang-outs and every single one of our internet meme cat jokes will be referenced to in the birthday cards I will draw for you every year.

Believe it or not, I wouldn’t be sad if you are already in a romantic relationship. As a matter of fact, I would be really happy for you because that’s what friends are for. But if your super-awesome close friend quota has reached its capacity, then that would really break my friend heart into a million pieces. Maybe you don’t feel the same friend-love that I feel for you. After all, we only have so much time in this world to only have so many friends.

Well, anyway. Thanks for reading this. I hope you are doing well.

The boy I like already has a girlfriend. And that girlfriend’s his best friend whom he met in college. I was shocked when he posted a status in his Facebook page,

“Kami na :)”

Huhu! #Ohwellpapel (Haha!)

Time Consumer.

Kakainis. I was supposed to start working on my term paper but then some random stranger called in our landline. And we talked for 30 mins! He said that his name was Ray from the research department of Ibsus(?) Corp. in Ortigas. According to him, he was conducting a survey regarding the future economy of the Philippines. I was like okay, lay it on me… He kept on asking about financial savings, financial planning, stock investment, and  market portfolio. I didn’t know how to respond and I didn’t know how much of what I just said was true. I snored really loud at the end- when he was already thanking me for the time I gave him. #trololol :))


Was there ever a point in your life where there were just so many things to do and accomplish, while you found yourself profoundly trying your best to catch up with those deadlines for those papers, quizzes, projects, and finals endlessly piling themselves up for you to work on them as soon as possible? But you knew how time could be very limited, and you realized that 24 hours a day just isn’t enough to finish all of them time?

Recently, I have. And it’s stressing me.

Since this term draws closer, my professors for every class just kept on designating deadlines. Deadlines keep on poofing out on nowhere. They’re everywhere! I feel stressed. I’ve been sleeping at 3am for three consecutive days studying, writing term papers, and preparing myself for the finals, even though our finals will still start on the 12th.

I am sleep deprived.

And its repercussions have been torturing me- mentally, academically, and physically.

My class always start on 9:40 in the morning but I usually wake up at 6:40 because school’s an hour trek from our apartment. Recently, I’ve been a heavy sleeper like I couldn’t hear the alarm on my phone. I keep on waking up at 7:33am, and yesterday I woke up at 8:24 in the morning! I left home at 9:05 while I got to school at 10am. I was late going to both of my Finstat, and Finman2 class the whole week.

Another negative effect on being sleep deprived that I have experienced this week was that I couldn’t manage to keep myself awake for every 9:40 class that I have. Sometimes, I hide myself against the computer screen on my seat in my Finstat class in order not to get caught by the prof. I always find myself sleeping, if not, yawning inside our classroom. And I couldn’t participate well during recitations as I couldn’t get the lesson because, well, most of the time I didn’t listen to what my professor was saying for I was half-asleep, and half-trying-to-be-awake for the period. Not only that, everytime I ride the LRT from Recto to Katipunan, I also find myself sleeping the whole ride and I always kept on passing Katipunan station. I was even asleep when the passengers were already alighting from the Santolan Station, and I was the only one left on the train. I only noticed that all of the passengers got off from the train when the LRT guard tapped me on the arm. I was that sleepy.

Also, I felt really tired all week. I always walk home all the way from the Katipunan station to our apartment because I don’t want to spend, and I’m saving up for a new phone. And because I want to exercise since I feel that I’m on my fattest state right now and I want to maintain the weight and not gain pounds anymore. I used to not feel tired from walking. But recently, I do. I already get tired and my knees ache everytime I pass by Ministop.

And yesterday, when I was reading about the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci for our paper to be submitted the day after for Humaart using my dad’s laptop, I lay on my sisters bed and placed my laptop on my belly. I felt my eyes droopy and I was skimming the whole article. And I didn’t exactly know that I had already fallen asleep. And I didn’t know how long I was asleep.

I just woke up, with both of my hands still placed on the keyboard, upon hearing the door creaked and some rattling on the desk. I was startled. And so I flashed my eyes open and shouted, “UUUUUUUUY!” turned my head to where the sound came from, and got up from the bed immediately.

It was my elder sister.

“Uuuuy!” She responded. She opened her facial cream and got a cotton. So, that’s what probably woke me up.

“Pirang oras akong turog? (How many hours have I been asleep?)” I asked.

“Dai ko aram. Addict! ( I don’t know. Addict!)” She laughed.

After that I turned the laptop off and decided to cram the paper the day after during my five hour break in the library. I needed to sleep, but I still haven’t brushed my teeth yet nor washed my face. So I did that first.

I was the first one to sleep among my siblings. And it was the first time I experienced that. My younger sister always sleep first.

Right now, I’m basically in a chill mode since it’s a Thursday night. I’m going to finish the rest of what I’m supposed to finish later for the whole Friday- term paper, homeworks, project presentation, oral defense, finals, and more paper.

Last push for this term would be this weekend. And soon, it’s Christmas break already!

P.S. There’s this zit on the right side of my chin which only magically appeared yesterday. It’s big and shiny that everytime I face somebody and talk to them, their eyes are glued on to my zit. I think it’s also because of stress.

P.P.S. Remind me to buy this when hell week’s just around the corner (Haha!)

– Ria