“OPEN. Guests, students, faculty, and the entire Lasallian community are invited to visit the DLSU Innovation and Technology Fair held at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall. The fair features exhibits from different projects developed by students and fac
ulty from the University’s different colleges, and has also invited lecturers to discuss the relation of technology to the theme “Ideas and Solutions for Nation-Building”.

The Henry Sy Sr. Hall has been temporarily opened in light of the exhibit. Students have access until the 4th floor of the building; no announcements have yet been made regarding the date of the official opening of the structure to the public.

Watch out for our photos inside the Centennial Hall!”

As I was browsing through updates in Facebook, this certain post went “viral” in my page’s news feed. When I read the status, I felt really excited because they have finally allowed the students, although temporarily, to take a peak in the Centennial Hall Building also known as Henry Sy Building aka SM. It has been already opened to guests before last June 2012 when La Salle marked the end of its centennial celebration. From what I’ve heard, the main purpose of this building was not the construction of new classrooms, but to make it the new University Library while the old main library would be renovated to serve as the rooms for the faculty members.

Anyways, I hope that they open the building permanently as soon as possible. My friends and I have been wanting to ride the escalators and make a music video of us dancing ever since 4th term, when the construction started. Also, I don’t want to graduate without having fully utilized the available services provided. I only have, more or less, 5 terms before I graduate from college. I’ll be forced to make the most out of my stay in school, and what the university has to offer.

Actually, I’ve asked some upperclassmen who are already graduating this term and they told me that they were not yet ready for the “real world”. They also said that they will really miss their friends, their experiences as students and as a social being, and the campus itself. I got scared upon hearing that. I haven’t been living life the way I wanted it to be. I still haven’t met my goals that I have planned to accomplish for I was too scared to even try to make them happen.

I realize that I am not fully “participating” just yet.

I want those dreams turn into reality before I become an alumnae.

Afterall, I won’t be in college forever.

-Ria Ninomiya


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