Rama Hari.

I have just bought a ticket for the Rama Hari show to be held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines for our required alternative class in Humalit this December 2 I bought it for P500, which already has a student discount, from my professor’s secretary yesterday. The original price is, I guess, P1300. And I’d get to sit on the orchestra side. So, that’s a fair price, I think. This time, I wouldn’t have to buy binoculars anymore.

Rama Hari would be the second show that I’d get to watch in CCP and I’m definitely excited because I wouldn’t just go out with my friends but I’d be with the whole class this time! And Tiff’s one of my classmates so I don’t have to worry about whom I’m going to hang out with. She was the one who forced me into buying one in the first place. At first, I didn’t want to spend anymore as I have been spending a lot lately on watching theatrical plays like The Phantom of the Opera and Tonying. In the end, she won over me. It is, afterall, required.

Another reason why I need to watch Rama Hari’s because our midterm grade has just been given to us by our professor, Dr. Evasco, and I wasn’t satisfied with the result. So in order to pull up my grade, I can’t and shouldn’t miss a class from her. I just have to have a perfect attendance on her class.

Humalit’s a floating subject. But it didn’t turn out to be an “easy 4.0” course, afterall. I have to work for it to get it.

Now, I regret on having taken up this course way too early. Humalit’s supposed to be taken up on my last term in college. Instead, I decided to play with the courses suggested and offered per term on my flowchart. It’s as if Literature’s my major.


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