Plans: ∞ :: Slumber Party: 0.

Yesterday’s slumber party didn’t happen again. I had a good reason for not coming over at my friend’s place last night. The reason would be too embarrassing to mention it in public. So, I’d rather keep it to myself for privacy matters.

I told her. She understood. Though I could draw from her facial expression that it fell a few notches short on genuine.

Anyways, Aly couldn’t come, too. I haven’t heard about Tiff. So, it wasn’t all my fault. The plan was that it was going to be the four of us who were going to stay up all night watching horror movies while eating snacks, playing truth or dare, and whatnot. Not just me and the one who invited us. It’d be no fun because I believe that sleep overs require a certain number of people to join for it to be classified a slumber “party”.

Also, another reason why I was sort of hesitant in having a sleep over at her place was because this upcoming week would be as busy as hell. I have to accomplish a lot of things this weekend since the finals week are drawing closer and closer. It’d be on December 12 to 18. I need this weekend to prepare for my projects, quizzes, and to cope up with the lessons I’ve missed studying and reviewing. Right now, I’m a chapter behind on our class discussion in Finman2, 2 lessons behind Finstat, a group project and a midterm exam which my group in Tredtwo hasn’t even started with the plans yet, quizzes to prepare and a book I have to reread for the finals in Humalit, another group presentation, and papers due for Humaart, and then a nosebleed take home quiz on Finmat2.

I suggested that we should have our sleep over when the finals are over which is only a month away from now. I’m looking forward to it because I’m certain that this time, we wouldn’t have to drag our school problems while having our slumber party. It’d be pure fun.


I watched the Law of Ueki the whole day instead of studying. Kill me now.


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