Nerd mode.

Early to bed, early to rise.

That’s it. I’m enjoying this hot cup of coffee with an added teaspoon of Birch Tree milk powder right now hoping that it’ll help me get up early tomorrow. I’ve decided to slack off for the rest of the remaining hours of the night. Sleep early. Wake up at three in the morning tomorrow to catch up with the things I could have done today. And study.

Hope that my brother’s going to spend the rest of the day outside the house so that I’d get to use his room to study, and my sister sleeps the whole day, and our ate forgets to remind me that we have to go grocery shopping.

Sundays. That part of the week when I usually get to be really unproductive. I know.

I just have to trust that the odds will be in my favor tomorrow. No nuances. Just me and school stuff.

We’re going to have a date tomorrow. I want to know more about you. Learn a lot. Assure me that I’m not going to get bored in the process.

Now, back to watching The Law of Ueki.

I’ve been dying to watch this anime series ever since I was still in second year high school. Currently, I’m in episode eight and I like it already. I have this special fond on this kind of genre where there are special powers, mecca and battles happen like Hunterxhunter, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Gakuen Alice, Ghost Fighter, Flame of Recca, Vandread, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Panic, etc.

I’m into those anime whose protagonists are boys who have their own personal goals in life, and they’re willing to do anything to achieve that. Perhaps because ever since I was seven years old, I’d watch anime dubbed Tagalog with my brother on GMA like Samurai X, Slam Dunk, and mentioned before, Ghost Fighter, Flame of Recca, and Dragon Ball Z as soon as we got home from school. Maybe it has to do something with that which affected what kind of anime series I watch now.

When he got into college( I was in 4th grade at that time), I got engrossed into watching Shaman King in GMA by the time I was in 5th grade already, I think, and I told him that it was great when he came home from Manila. He just borrowed the remote control from me and changed the channel to watch basketball. I guess his love for anime has decreased a bit.

But he introduced me to Naruto when I was in sixth grade.

Personally, don’t like shoujo anime that much. Though, I do watch some romance-drama/comedy animes from time to time.

I just like shounen more than shoujo genre.


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