We, introverts, always have this one friend who’s an extrovert.

My friend, Christianne, who’s a girl by the way, and I have been planning to have a sleep over at her house somewhere in Caloocan for months now- last term, last weekend, and now, this weekend. Plans which didn’t happen at all. Just let them slip away. Tomorrow, there’s a 50% probability that it will actually happen. She invited two of her friends from her block in Accounting. They’re Tiff and Aly. We’ve already been introduced to one another ever since Chubbits and I became classmates in my three-out-of-six subjects which were Financial Mathematics 1, Introduction to Philosophy, and Financial Management 1. Who would have guessed that we- me being as a complete introvert, and her, being born as an extrovert- instantly became best of friends?  It was her who made me realize that there’s more to this world than just studying, and grades. She let me stepped inside her world, opened the door for me, and welcomed me.

I remember when we first met, the first time.

During our first day in Financial Management 1, I chose to sit near her since she was alone in the farthest side of the room and she looked so quiet. Even shier and more reserved than me. I like people who seem quiet since I’d get the confidence to actually do much of the talking. So I took the chance. We were a seat apart from one another. As I took my seat, I engaged myself into scribbling doodles at the back of my notebook. While she, on the other hand, was busy with something on her phone. Her desk were messy with her notebook open, her wallet, her pen, her LRT card, and her handkerchief.  Then,  soon after our professor entered and introduced himself,(my favorite prof yet) he asked us to form our own permanent groups. When everyone else was busy choosing their own group, and I remained on my seat waiting for those who still didn’t have any group mates, I saw her, in my peripheral view, stood up from her armchair and approached me and the Korean guy in front of me.

“Uhm, excuse me. Can I be in your group?”, she asked, trying to look at me and the Korean boy simultaneously. I was actually shocked because I thought that she was a straight English speaking person.

“Ay sige”, I responded. While the Korean guy nodded.

We introduced ourselves and exchanged numbers. That was when I learned that she speaks in Filipino. The Korean guy’s name was Nam Gyu Jin but he preferred to be called Jacob. While she introduced herself as Chubbits. I actually misspelled her name when she first told us her name. I thought that it was Chobits. I only found out when she added me on Facebook. Her name in my contacts still remains as Chobits, though. I feel lazy changing it.

At the end of the class, I asked her how she goes home. She told me that she travels via LRT.

“Sabay na tayo!”, I instantly felt glad. I felt really comfortable, and I felt that there were no wall nor barriers that separated us. We talked about our course and how I explained to her that I didn’t really talk that much.

“Hindi talaga ako nagsasalita masyado eh.”

“Ewan ko. Feeling ko, maingay ka rin.” She retorted. No offense meant. But, it hit me. She was the first one to say something like that to me. From that then on, I knew that I was going to be 100% comfortable around her. She was going to be the first person in the University who’d I be really open with as she was with me.

At first, I got really irritated because she kept on texting me like there was no tomorrow and also because I was busy studying for Finman1 at that time inside my brother’s room, the only place in our apartment where I could study because of the absence of nuances. . I remember turning off the phone so that she could stop disturbing me. Honestly, I thought that she wasn’t straight because she kept on putting heart symbols every time I receive her texts. But I found out that she was just like that, and that she was the most straight person I’ve ever met. She kept on talking about her crushes at school! (Haha!) I opened up on that topic, too.

The next day after I first met her, I was surprised to know that she was also my classmate in Finmat1, and Intfilo. I told her that during our Finman1. She was really shocked. Her expression was really funny and seemed to be in a hyperactive mode always. And I liked it. I like laughing hard core. There isn’t a single day in which I wouldn’t laugh when I’m with her. And that was the beginning of our friendship. She used to be the story teller, and I was the listener but now, we talk about a lot of random stuff. And we don’t mind. Anything that pops into our mind, we would just blurt it out. And I wasn’t expecting that. She helped me unleash the other side of me which normally wouldn’t just appear to someone. It means that if I’m loud with you, then you’re special. ♡

Our classmates in Finman1 would always wonder and ask us whether or not we came from the same high school/ block.  We would stare at them, laughing, and answer them that we just met one another this term.

She also helped me meet a lot of new people from her block and her org. I never expected that I’d be here with her friends, gradually socializing with people and starting to like it.

We, introverts, always have this one friend who’s an extrovert.

I’ve seen how I’ve changed into a more sociable being recently and that’s thanks to this chubby girl named Chubbits(Haha!). I like hanging out now, but not so much yet. I still feel like my energy gets drained out when I’m with a huge bunch of people I don’t know.

Right now, Chubbits and I are just waiting for their confirmation because if the two of them won’t go, then I wouldn’t. I think that it wouldn’t be fun if it’s just the two of us. Even though, I’m a certified introvert, I want to hang out with a group of people, whom I now consider as my close friends. The more, the merrier.

P.S. I didn’t buy any DVDs on horror movies since it rained when I was planning to buy one. We like scaring ourselves to death.


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