Campus Heart-throbs.

Rushing my way for my 1 pm class, I was going down the stairs from the ninth floor to the eighth. My eyes were locked on the staircase. Then, I was taken aback when I came across this 6-foot tall, buff Chinese dude, who was walking his way up, smiling. I paused and gazed at his face. He looked really familiar. I thought that he was one of my classmates in high school back then named Fritz because the two of them sort of looked alike. But he wasn’t. I tried to think of someone else. My mind had started to tinker, desperately searching for people’s name in my memory, but failed. He shifted his eyes from the stairs then to me. Our eyes met for a second and he paused as he came across to where I was standing. There was no one around except for the two of us. It would have seemed that we were in some kind of a romantic scene in a movie (joke! Feeler! Haha!) except that everything happened within a blink of an eye. We walked passed by each other, ignoring what have just happened, remembered that both of us still had a class to attend to. I kept on thinking who he was, and why he looked oddly familiar. I only realized that it was Jeron Teng, UAAP 75’s Rookie of the Year, also known as the new King Archer, when I reached the last step of the staircase on the 8th floor, and opened the door towards the hallway. I chuckled.

When I was on the hallway, trudging my way to A802 for my Tredtwo class, I saw another buff dude. He looked like the kid version of Chris Tiu. I stared at him, and recognized him instantly. It was Thomas Torres, a frosh basketball player, and a model in Candy Cutie. Even though I’m older than him by a month, and 25 days, I have a crush on this frosh ever since he appeared in UAAP this season (haha!). And ironically, although he always have a smiling face in pictures every time I search him on Google, this time, he didn’t. He showed no emotion. He didn’t bother to look at anyone. He just looked straight into the path where he was headed to. I did the same thing. I was in my poker face mode, but inside, I was overjoyed upon seeing him, smiling, and laughing from over-excitement. I saw other girls from my class who were shrieking, and fangirling as soon as they saw him in the hallway.

I entered the class and there was still a commotion inside. The girls kept on asking the others if they’d seen Thomas Torres or not. I, too, still had a hangover. I felt really excited. It looked as if I was a crazy, obsessed stalker. I knew that. But as soon as I realized that our professor was not still inside the classroom, I talked myself into going inside the female’s wash room, and the campus canteen on the sixth, hoping that I’d bumped into Thomas Torres again. Unfortunately, I didn’t. So, I went back to class.

Although, I might’ve came across a lot of celebrities in school, notorious for being hosts, models, and DJs, and up until now, there isn’t a single class in which there are no good-looking guys, basketball players have a different appeal, for me that is (haha!). So I felt giddy inside all throughout the day.

I just saw Jeron Teng, and Thomas Torres in Andrew Building last Wednesday!


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