Long Weekend.

I’ve never really been productive ever since that long weekend started. I planned and swore that I was going to study in Financial Statistics and Financial Management 2. Compared to Finman1, Finman2’s getting more and more complicated- memorizing formulas about the risks and return in investing stocks in the market. The only thing that was productive was my mouth. And my fingers. Guess I have gained a few extra pounds again. Also, I’ve been playing this five-part game series called The Walking Dead non-stop. Currently, I’m in episode three, the part on which Ken, Clem, Lee, Chuck, and Ben were on their way to Savannah in search for a coast. Hypothetically, they think that zombies couldn’t swim so they’d be better off living on a boat. My brother introduced me to it. I got engrossed to it immediately. He’s finished with episode four. He’s waiting for episode five, which would be released soon. He said that it was getting really interesting already. I want to finish episodes 3 and 4, to. The problem is, I couldn’t access my file. It just wouldn’t open. Bummer. So right now, I’m keeping myself busy by playing Ragnarok Battle Offline with my younger sister, even though my brother and I have managed to finish the game, and unlock the two Novice characters when I was still a frosh.


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