Meeting for Humaart project at school + Lunch at Mcdo with my friends and their friend + Arcade, Happy Lemon, Window Shopping in Robinson’s Place

I would just be posting photos here since I don’t want to type and blog the same content again. I failed to save the original post of this and now I’m too lazy to type here what happened again. Too bad. Argh! I’ve been really spending a lot last friday. Mcdo lunch for burger meal at P75, jeep fare from V. Cruz to PGH: P8, PGH to Robinson’s Place: P20, Timezone load card worth P150, Happy Lemon Orange-Mango Shake/Slurpie: P100, Puto seko:P7. Long story short, spent the whole day from 8:30am-6;30pm with a friend, who was in a “rebel mode” after what happened between him and her at their place. So I kinda tagged along, which wasn’t a part of my plan since I should have went home at 1pm. But since our computer was broken, I couldn’t surf the net, which what I am addicted to, and decided to just stay at Taft.

Meet my crazy friend, Mica. :)) People say that we actually look alike. And judging from the photos, I do see the resemblance. :))

Don’t you think so, too? She can be my long lost sister. Nah. She’s my doppelganger. :))



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