People Who Made My Day Yesterday

Special thanks to these people who made my day yesterday:

1. Lyka, my schoolmate in high school @ lib. Hope you pass your interview and get admitted. :))
2. Pearl, my classmate in ENGLCOM and fellow tutee in Ahead @ LS bldg. On my way to Yuch.
3. Leona, my MARKET1 groupmate @ LS bldg. On my way to LS110 for my HUMAART class
4. Random girl, who was my MARKET and ENGLRES classmate @ HUMAART class
5. Armicha, my LBYMFI2 classmate on my 3rd term @ class
6. Chubbits, my FINMAT1, INTFILO, and FINMAN1 classmate last term @ HUMAART class
7. Reyn, my ENGLRES partner @ class

Thanks a bunch. I think, this is what ‘participating’ is all about. I won’t go into details of the accounts that happened between each one of them and me. Except for the part on Reyn, Me, Armicha, and Chubbits during our HUMAART class. Hahaha. I introduced Reyn to these buddies of mine, and we instantly got close. I didn’t realize that the four of us were already so noisy until miss called our attention. I mean, we were only chatting. Anywho, the important thing to note here is that, they made me smile, and laugh, and happy yesterday. =)

8. Also, my sisters when I got back home. We ate at Teriyaki Boy and Serenitea. Nyahaha.

Yesterday, was one of the greatest day ever. I wish everyday would turn out like that.



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