I know I should not take this too seriously because posting this would only make me even madder. Tomorrow’s the day for our alternative class on FINMAN2, FINSTAT, and FINMAT2. It would be held at JP Morgan at Bonifacio Global City. Instead of having a classroom discussion in school, we just have to go to this “convention/contest” regarding some Finance expo, and “support” our school.

I’ve told you before that one of my “friends” would ride a cab together with me as what he had told me two days before the actual competition. And guess what, he took what he said back. ASDF.

I was on my way to the Office of the University Registrar at school to issue my certificate, when I heard someone yelled my name.

“Liiiiiraaa!”, a familiar voice exclaimed. I was startled that I felt my heart raced.

“Uuuuy!” I shouted infront of everyone near the Accounting Office, placing my left hand on my chest. I was sort of sure that I drew some attention on the people around me, which was so embarrassing. I turned to follow the sound of the voice. It was Louis. I faced him.

He giggled at the sight of my reaction. Imagine yourself walking in peace when someone suddenly and unexpectingly shouted your name.

Kailangan daw ng Waiver para bukas. Punta ka?”, he asked immediately.

“Yup. Anong waiver?”, I retorted confusingly.

Kunin mo kay Jdmsixgwa, president ng Mafia“, I didn’t hear the name quite well. So I asked again.

Punta ka na lang dun sa booth namin“, You see, he was a Junior Officer of MaFIA.

Ay sige. Basta bukas 10:30 diba? South gate?“, I asked him just to remind him about what we talked about meeting up at school first and also to make sure that I’d have someone as a company.

He thought for a split second and responded with, “Actually, may kasama na ako, blah blah blah“. He kept on talking and continued. I ignored the things he said right after I heard him say ‘may kasama na ako‘. Wth? What about me? I wanted to kill him for that. Leaving me all alone to rot and get lost and die on trying to find my way to Global City. Just because he was a Junior Officer, that he was sort of important, that he has made a few friends, he’d left me behind. I was frantically flaring up inside but I tried to remain composed. We were supposed to go there together. He promised.

“K”, I don’t remember what I told him right after he said those alibis. I pretended to act as if it were okay.

I turned around and went to the Office of the University Registrar. I felt uneasy and I didn’t know if I should even go there considering the fact that, my last hope ditched me. He could have at least added me to his “friends” on the ride. Hindi na daw kasya eh. Apat na sila. Oh yeah, I asked him who they were. He said that they were Karen, Ludwig, etc. etc. Kahit isingit man lang ayaw? Or pwede rin namang idivide into 2 groups na lang. If there were, let’s say 6 of us, then make it 3 on 3. I suggested that to him. He only replied with “ewan ko lang”. Nakakainis. Sabihin mo lang kung yaw mo. Haha!

At the end of the day, he texted me this:

Kapag tinamad yung isa kong kasama, pwede ka ng sumabay… Sorry, Lira :(” Sorry sorry. Tse! Hahaha. NaGGG mode na naman ako sa kakatype ko nito. Thank you for making me as an alternative, a second option. User. ASDF! Men!

I really want to go. Not just because it’s an alternative class, not because it’s mandatory, not just for incentives on these 3 major courses I’m currently taking, but because I want to witness this finance expo myself, and have a grasp on what questions will be asked on the said competition and have an idea of the “real” world. I consider it like some kind of an investment that I will make for myself today for my future. The problem is, if I do go to school tomorrow and “hindi tinamad kasama niya“, eh pano na ako? Sayang pagpunta ko school, pamasahe, pera, sleep, rest. Kumbaga, in economics, yung opportunity cost, the next best foregone alternative if I go there. What a gentleman. What a friend.

I shouldn’t be dealing too much on this, but I got carried away. It’s bad for my health. Emotionally, that is.

‘You can let go now and forget about him’, I keep thinking to myself. ‘Remember, be positive’



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