Just a quick, random post.

Dear Diary,

Remember the time when I told you that I was aiming for a 4.0 in Finman1? Well, yes. I did got a 4.0.  And another 4.0 in Intfilo. I also belonged to the Second Honors Dean’s Lister this time.  I got a GPA of 3.25 this term. I’ve gotten so grade conscious now. I was sort of happy and satisfied with that. But I longed for more actually. Because I knew that if only I had tried harder and exerted more effort, I think I could have been a First honor dean’s lister. Huhu! I only needed a 0.2% in the averaging. If only I got a 3.5 in finmat, things would have gotten better. I’m still waiting for next Wednesday so that I could issue a certificate for qualifying in Dean’s List.

I told my family about it but they wouldn’t believe me. I knew I should have waited until I got my certificate as proof that I really was a DL. But oh well. I told them in a joking manner anyway. I got them baffled. Hahaha!

Recently, like for this term, I’ve lost interest into studying again. I remember last term that I’d have sleepless nights reading articles and preparing for finals. But now, all I do is just surf the net. And I don’t know why. And this makes me mad. Maybe because, I have the worst sched ever, or maybe because of the profs, or maybe the combination of my subjects this term. I really don’t know. I’m taking up three floating courses right now and I didn’t follow what was written in our flow chart. I just took Tretwo(Ethics and Morality), Humaart(Arts), and Humalit(Literature). I replaced my Oblicon(Obligations and Contracts) and Kaspil2(Rizal).  Maybe because I feel no pressure this time regarding these subjects. I was confident when I enrolled these subjects that I would get a higher GPA. But I don’t think so. I’m not that sure anymore. I got terror profs and that’s the worst. Feeling major kumbaga. Hay naku… :(( I don’t know what I’m writing about. Forgive me if I make no sense anymore. This is so sabog. Lol. I needed a new inspiration.

Fortunately, one of my friends in Facebook posted his grades for first term. He’s a frosh. I’m one of his seniors, but only a year higher tho. And I was inspired again.

I’ll hide his name for privacy matters. :))

I want my grades to be like his. I want a 4.0 in every subject! Hahaha. But I know that dreams are dreams. So dream on, Ria. Dream on.

I think he’s a gifted child. Brains like that of Einstein. Kidding. :)) He passed all of the entrance test in the top 4 universities. I don’t know why he chose La Salle. I think he was contemplating on whether he’d take up a Business course or a pre-med one because he passed BS-MGT-H in Ateneo, and BS-PSY in UP, and Pharmacy in UST. Why La Salle? Anyways, he’s also a pianist, a violinist, and an artist. I’m really envious of him right now. My friends say that I’m such a stalker haha. I’ll live up to that. :))

I’m inspired again. Yay! But not 100 percent. I miss agno, and spice, and snob. HAHAHA. Grabe! Nakakahiya na. Andami kasi. :)) I miss having an inspiration hahaha. Last term, I had an inspiration for every subject. Mentioned before on one of my recent entries, one was a consistent DL. :))

P.S. There was this guy on LRT2 when I was on my way back home. I was reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini when I smelled a paputok, an explosion, if you know what I mean. I sniffed and sniffed so that I can find the culprit. Judging from the uniform he was wearing, he was from ____. I won’t mention the name of the school anymore. I don’t want to expose the ‘scandal’ over here.  He smelled really bad. HUHU! I know it was him because everytime he fans himself, the combination of his perfume and body odor would explode. What’s worse was that, the direction of the air current was directed towards me. So I stopped reading because the scent was stinging my eyes and my nose. :))

P.P.S. I’m posting a lot of random stuff here. Bare with me. It’s okay since I know I don’t have that much of a massive amount of readers. HAHAHA! Okielangyan. Bahala na.

Ciao! I have so many academics works to do tonight. Also, I have to finish Clannad After Story, Another, and GoSick. And read The Kite Runner. And play Harvest Moon. Over the weekend. And watch some Finance expo/contest on Friday in J.P. Morgan Chase in Taguig. I don’t even know how I’d get there. But my blockmate promised me that we would go there together.  We’d meet up at school. Nyahahaha~ Funny because we both don’t know how to get there. The nearest MRT station was Buendia Station. After that, I don’t know what to do. My sister said that we should take a bus or a taxi. He should know how to drive a car already. Hahaha! I’m dead meat when he finds out that I’m blogging about him. Ayaw mo nun? Na feature ka pa sa blog kong bulok! :)) And no. Heck no. Yaks! We don’t have any intimate feelings with one another. Kaderder. :)) We’re just friends. Hay naku! 

Bye na talaga! :P :))))



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