Negativity stinks. Try learning how to spell positivity. That helps.

Releasing negative emotional energies will lead to drastic results. It not only affects the person releasing them, but also the people around him. Anger, sadness, hate, dispute, fear, and pessimism are examples of negative emotional energies. Once a person releases any or a combination of these negative energies, the repercussions involved would be directed towards the person’s surroundings. Daily intake of these constant negativity exposed by such persons would modify the affected person’s perception of life. Some of these are difficult to release. So if you know someone who’s always in a bad mood or with anger management issues, I suggest that you stay away from them as much as possible. However, in some cases in which you and that person lives under the same roof, the best thing to do is to simply ignore them because in the end, it would be their loss. Sometimes, it kills people when you ignore them anyway. And besides, you had nothing to do with it in the first place. If you give in and try to counterattack his negative energy with yours, then applying Newton’s Law: Like Charges Repel, there would be a repulsion. Both of you intoxicating one another with negative vibes, both of you at a loss. Instead, do the opposite. Let your positivity surge within them and contain them. And let him have experience the the perks of living life positively.



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