Mental Plans

here are some of my mental plans which I was supposed to do during our Christmas break/before 2011 ended:

1. Movie Marathon with siblings. Check.

We watched: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time- super loved that movie.

Cinematography was awesome. Plot- I’ll give it a 10/10. Characters- No hunks haha joke! But I don’t know if it was based on a real story or not, or if it was based on the game instead. And if it were, did Disney improvised it? Idk. ALSO, I didn’t get the ending when Nizam, the princes’s evil uncle who wanted to be the king so bad, and Prince Dastan were fighting over the magical sword/dagger at the last scene and then, it ended up that Tus, the last holder, I don’t know if it was an accident or not, made the setting shift/rewind to the time when they defeated and destroyed the sacred city of Alamut, ruled by a princess named Tamina, who soon fell for Dastan. I didn’t understand why that happened and also my younger sibling.

Here’s a flashback on how we ended up watching it: I was choosing a channel on the television because there weren’t any good shows on Nick, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Animax, HBO, nor AXN. When I turned the channel to 26/Star Movies, a show was about to be aired so I waited for it. To my surprise, it was Prince of Persia. I wanted to watch that movie and finish it because I already liked it on Facebook although I haven’t watched it yet hahaha (and even though it was already late in the evening because I also super loved the game, Prince of Persia. (And I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I finished that game so many times already. I’m just saying! XD) Their names were also so weird that at first my sister and I couldn’t memorize it. We had a hard time pinpointing who’s who and I didn’t like it. What I liked the most about it was when Dastan was lecturing Tamina about how we make our own destiny. I completely agree with him. And halfway through the movie, our brother went down and asked us to go up already and sleep because he has to study for his lists of case law. I didn’t want to go up because I wanted to finish it. But then he told us to watch the movie inside his room, and so we did. The movie ended at around 1 in the morning already. My parents were already asleep. My younger sister and I immediately turned the tv off and slept.

New Year’s Eve: We watched 2 movies.

Water for Elephants and Beastly. I got teary eyed for old Jacob especially on the last part. He was a cute, chubby old fella with pink puffy cheeks. Kinda reminds me of Santa. Robert Pattinson/Edward took part for the Young Jacob. He looked exactly like our teacher in Religion when I was in high school!

Whereas Beastly (sorry for the word) sucked. It totally did. The story was an adaptation of the old classical movie, Beauty and the Beast. It was the most fast-forwarded love story ever told. I hated Vanessa Hudgens for acting all cutesy again, like what she does in High School Musical. And Alex Pettyfer’s acting was not good. He’s Brit but he’s american accent was also a blah. He’s almost like Bella in Twilight/Kristen Stewart who’s notorious for being monotonous. We kept on laughing at how weird he acted and so as the plot of the movie. Where was the kilig part? Nothing, I say.

My older sister and I also watched Kick-Ass but we didn’t get the chance to finish it since it was already 1am. We only watched the first forty minutes of it and we stopped it. Aaron Johnson didn’t look good there. My sister said that Anggus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging was aired first before Kick-Ass. In Anggus, Aaron Johnson was the perfect guy. But in Kick-Ass, he looked like your typical geeky boy who loved superhero comic books. And she also said that Aaron Johnson already has a wife when Kick-Ass was being filmed. Nooo! :( XD

^Aaron Johnson in Anggus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging <333

^ Aaron Johnson in Kick-Ass. (The guy in the middle.)

^And Aaron Johnson today. What happened?

He’s also Brit but he speaks American English way better than Alex Pettyfer lol. I’ve also watched a couple of movies (like The Thief Lord when he was a kid) he was in but Anggus Thongs was his best one. He was so perfect <3.

^Her mask didn’t actually fit into her peepers XD

And there was this cute little girl named Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl. She was so cute and little back then. But now, she’s turned mature and pretty. Time flies really fast.

2. Get past Doppelganger in Ragnarok Battle Offline with my new Swordsman and Acolyte. Hmm… Still in progress…

I defeated Doppelganger using my level 10 Swordsman but my level 7 Acolyte is stuck on stage 3. We’re going back to Manila tomorrow after lunch! I need to get my acolyte past stages 3, 4, 5, and 6. I’m not a hundred percent sure if I can do that. My sisters kept on playing and the maximum number of players are only up to 3 players. :( Tomorrow for sure! I’ll wake up early just to finish this.

3. Meet up with high school friends. Check.

4. Chill mode during break. Check.

Except for the Ragnarok part. I’m cramming this one! Deadline’s tomorrow! O__O

5. Read books.____

I was planning to finish Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and finish it during this Christmas Break but then I forgot to bring it. Left it in Manila. It’s a very old book first published in 1988 about following one’s dreams/ personal goals. I’m halfway done.

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