RBO fever.

My brother and his friend have been using the computer downstairs since 10 in the morning. Now, they’re playing Ragnarok Battle Offline when in fact, my sisters and I should’ve been playing it. I also heard that they reset the game. My level 17 swordsman, my level 12 acolyte, and my level 5 mage are all gone and so as my sisters’. It’s so hard to get to level 7 and pass and beat Doppelganger. >:( We also have to reconfigure the controls again. I only have 2 more days to play before I get back to the Capital City and to get my characters into strong and powerful players like they were before he restarted the game.

But look on the bright side, he already downloaded an english patch so we can now understand and distribute the points we earned into the skills we want our characters to learn. And the speakers were also fixed by either him or his friend so we can play with music now which will lead to a more possible anxiety and fear but fun game.hahaha!

You can say that I am an addict and also an avid fan of RBO. And I admit it, I am. We first played it when I was in 1st year high school, when my younger sister and I were having our Summer Enrchment Program in Algebra and in Speech, the reason why my accent changed when we were in second year, in Ateneo de Manila. Anywho, it has already been 4 years. Our bunso was still a baby, who was 9 back then, but we still call her ‘Bibi’ at that time haha! But when she was in 4th grade, I already trained and tucked myself into calling her by her real name. I know she also got engrossed by the game. We all were. But I think, I love RBO the most since I am most greatly affected by what I think kuya did.

2 days? I think I can manage that.

I, therefore, dare myself to finish the game with all my three characters-swordsman, acolyte and mage by 2 days. And I shall start tomorrow. Addict mode. >:]

I can hear them playing until now. And they’re already in level 5. Oh the fun we were supposed to have today, we missed it.


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