Kuya’s Birthday!

Today, I’ll be featuring my brother since it’s his birthday. He’s still not yet married, though. He’s still too young for that, too. Anyways, we celebrated his 24th at Bigg’s Diner. We chose Bigg’s because there’s no Bigg’s in Manila. We’ll only get to eat there once we have our school break. The whole family ate and the funny thing is that, we ordered the same dish for all of us- Cordon Bleu. I was thinking about eating spaghetti, chicken and barbecue set but it costs P169.00. It’s more expensive than Cordon Bleu, which only cost P149.00. I don’t want to spend that much since my mom is super thrifty.

Since it’s his special day, we asked a waitress if whether or not the fast food restaurant offers a cake or something to a celebrant. The waitress was unsure so she told us to wait for a moment so that she could ask the branch manager. After 20 minutes or so, three waitresses and the branch manager arrived with a small chocolate cake and they all sang and greeted my brother a happy birthday. I video-ed them while singing. Unfortunately, my phone can only “automatically” upload photos/videos on my Facebook account. My elder sister teased him that the waitresses were “swooning” over him (which was true). And according to her, when they were about to leave, one of them gave him a second glance. Haha! If it weren’t his birthday today, I’d tease him again because after all, I am notorious for being the “malisyosa” in the family.


I didn’t actually greet him personally but hey, I already greeted him on Facebook.


Due to lack of time and me being busy bonding with my younger sisters in playing Ragnarok Battle Offline, my ideal 40 posts a month likely won’t happen. And our trip to Manlaue Island was cancelled due to heavy rain. :(

<3 Ria


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