So excited!

Hey! It’s me again with another daily dose of reality.

Yay! I’m really looking forward for this year’s Christmas vacation. Why?

1.) I’m going back home to Bicol! I’ll get to see my family again!

2.) We’re going to Manlaue Island in Caramoan. Yay!

3.) We’re staying there for 2 days and it’s free because we’ll be sojourning at our Tita’s cottage!

But the thing is, I need to start working out just so to remove my belly fat in order to get the perfect beach body lol. *Sighs* I need to start now since it’s only 2 weeks away from now.

And, my elder sister and cousins will be wearing their “bikinis”, so I might get tempted into wearing one, too. I told my sister that I’d be using my mom’s sleeveless top. But my sis said that it’s inappropriate for a beach wear. Well then, it’s either I wear a bikini(so embarrassing) or a shirt. :/ I’ll just go with the flow. If they all go with wearing shirts, I’m very much fine with that. If they go with bikinis, that’ll be a problem (for me, that is).

So here are some pictures of Manlaue Island I got from the internet. Let’s just hope that the weather would be nice and sunny and not cold nor rainy when we go there.

^So serene and calm and peaceful.

I’ll be uploading some of our pictures in another post once we’re there if ever I don’t get lazy. Haha!


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