Ria Ninomiya’s Musings

Hello there again!

I don’t really have something to talk about right now… This is just to catch up for my ideal 40 posts per month.

Hmm.. it’s pretty silent here inside our place. I can only hear the television playing. I am using my new N8 phone as a blogging tool.

Back to school again… 2 free weekdays for the first time since May.

I have also made mental plans for tomorrow. I have to set my alarm to 3 am again. I will have to finish our take home finals for Persef. After that, I will then work on our Chemistry worksheet for our last laboratory experiment. Sighs… I really am the master of procrastination.

Our house helper is watching something over the television at GMA. I don’t like watching tv shows on Gma. First of all, the celebrities are unknown and second, their cinematographies are not that good and third, the stories are lame. Sorry for those who will be offended. I’m just saying that I’m bias with ABS-CBN.

Oh, my mom just texted me. She told me that there’s a promo again in Metrobank Visa for every purchase worth P2500 or P5000 in Mcdonald’s. The promo starts from November 15, 2011 to June something 2012. Right now, we currently have seven official receipts. Yay!

What else… I am feeling quite sleepy now. I’m lying on our couch here in the living room.

Online love. So, this is the part I tell you my story. My first online love happened.. Whoops! I’ll be posting something like this at another post.

My aunt and my cousin are here again. My aunt is here so that she could use the wifi since they still do not have their internet at their place whereas Joshua, is playing with my stuff. Let him be.

Right now my other cousin just came. Toffy just went up to greet her mom. I don’t know how long they will stay for the night. But I guess they’ll be waiting for my brother again to come back home from school at around 10 pm so that they can fetch a ride back home. My bro’s taking up his law degree.

I am also playing with Truffles, a half shitzu-half poodle, right now. She’s always begging for attention but I can’t help it though. Her cuteness always makes me cuddle her and kiss her furry forehead and then induces me to play with her favorite yellow squeaky ball. Haha!

Oh. Toffy and my aunt is going down now. I guess they’re leaving because they have to buy some groceries. I know they’ll still come back for sure. But wait, my aunt’s still wants to chat with my elder sister. They’re talking about the movie they’ve just watched- Breaking Dawn. DUN DUN DUN!!! Haha!

My aunt’s so obsessed with the movie and also the book. She all has the Twilight Saga Books. She also reread the last book as so to compare the book with the movie. All I can say is that I dislike Twilight, especially the movie. -__- Imagine a vampire’s chest sparkling and glittering like diamonds when Edward exposed his chest haha( I hated that part) and Bella’s  notoriously monotone voice. Haha! And they also fell in love, too fast.


Anyways, they’re done talking now and they’re leaving but Joshua’s staying. I have nothing else to say, too. So… that’s all for now.



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