My Number One Bad Habit: Procrastination

So this is me in my after sleep look. You’ve probably read this post twice since you can also find this on my Ria Ninomiya section of the blog. Yes. My vainess strikes again. It hasn’t failed me once. It always wins. Anyways, I’ve only slept for 3 hours that night. From 11:30 pm to 2:30 am. I have had to wake up that early since I have to finish my studies in BUSMATH ( and what also made me wake up that early because I believe in the “saying” that cool college kids don’t sleep haha) because I think I’m going to flunk that course since I had very low grades on my first 2 quizzes. Boo! As in really low… So I exerted more effort as in! Like after our class in TREDONE, I immediately went to the school’s library (and also took pictures. Inside. But without my face in the picture. But only the place! Get it? Good.) and stayed there from 2:30 pm to 7:30pm. So I spent 6 hours already studying on the first part and the next 3 hours (from 2:30 to 5:30am on the last 2 parts. The coverage for the third(and maybe our last) quiz was really long. We had to cover the whole chapter and you really need to understand it and to practice Business Math if you want to get a high grade. It’s really easy when we discuss it during lecture time but on quizzes, it’s the end of the world.

This hours of studying is nothing compared to when I was still in high school wherein I was living with my parents back in our province. I was really diligent back then (up to the point that whenever I go to school, I’m prepared for all those 7 subjects we would tackle everyday unlike in college where we only have 3 courses to prepare everday but I’m too lazy now) but now, I waste my time dawdling, wasting time, PROCRASTINATING about every single little thing like what I’m doing right now. Instead of preparing for our next quiz on ACTBAS or doing our take home finals in PERSEF, I’m blogging here, or playing with our dog, or eating right after I ate something.

I’ve gotten so much in trouble procrastinating so many times but still, I don’t change that habit of mine. But like they say, procrastinating is the art of keeping up with yesterday. So yeah. Be proud to all procrastinators out there. Haha! Nah I’m kidding. We need to change this bad habit of ours and do something more productive like studying, earning money, looking for a job not wasting time.

*Sorry for the ugly drawing. I only used paint and without a mouse for this. And that guy on the left sorta reminds me and resembles a Pokemon named Gastly.

Now anyways, by procrastinating we ARE burdening our future self by not doing something now. I was burdened by waking up really early when in fact, I could have use that time into sleeping for the prescribed 8 hours of sleep and many other scenarios.

It’s really difficult to break bad habits but I really want to change this but let’s all change at the same time, you and me, by learning to appreciate and to love the most important things we have to do and put that as our number one priority list like for me as a college kid, study and master my field. :)B


2 thoughts on “My Number One Bad Habit: Procrastination

  1. We are all procrastinators, in one form or another. I procrastinate too, but more often than not, I always regret having done that. Although I pride myself in doing my best under pressure, there are more times I could have answered 2 or 3 numbers right in an exam if I had more time to study the subject matter. And although I promise myself to give myself more time to study, still, I delay, and well, crunch time again. I can just kick myself.

    Cheers ! !

    1. Haha! I bet all of us can relate here.

      I really like your posts although I only found your wordpress site yesterday. And ever since, I keep on reading your blogs especially the ones about manga/manhwa. I want to read what you’re reading especially The boy who will sell a kiss for 5000 won. <3 Lol. ^^

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