I’m (Blog) Lovin’ It!

So, my goal is to reach at least.

Yes! You’ve seen it! 40 posts per month!! Hahaha! It’s just that I noticed that popular bloggers here on wordpress blog over 40 posts! I’m going to post so many random posts that happen in my not-so-awesome-everyday-life! Haha!

AND… I’ve also tucked my sister into making one right now! But she’s on blogspot( since it’s easier to use and has an automatic feature on changing your font style unlike here, where you have to use html to change the font ) right now and I’m thinking about transferring but then again, all my efforts here in wordpress will just go to waste if ever I go there permanently. She also keeps on asking me what the name of my blog is. I just tell her that it’s a secret and it’s too personal. She then taunts me that someday she’ll find out by stalking me and my other classmate here in wordpress! OH NO! That’s because I love this girl’s posts because I really find hers very funny and happy! So I followed her. But I didn’t know that she’ll follow me back! Now, everytime I post something she’ll be updated haha! I really don’t want people I know to discover my blog. I don’t know actually. Perhaps because this is kind of like my “online journal” so I want it to be “unknown” but known to people I don’t know. Get it? Anyways, I hope to be an active blogger here from now on.

40 posts! That’ll be my New Year’s Resolution for 2012. Maybe I’ll start on December. Haha! (This one is a crappy post and when I post at least 40 blogs per month it’ll be even crappier. :)) More to come! SOON.


2 thoughts on “I’m (Blog) Lovin’ It!

  1. Hey, blog away ! !

    I wish I could ! I’m just too busy . Last september, I only had one. October I had 2.. this November, I have 3 now, and i hope to post another one before the month ends. And to think I joined the Post-a-week group here on WordPress!

    Hey, cheers ! Oh, by the way, from where are you in Manila ?

    1. I hope I’ll have the integrity to do what I say. I also hope that I would. Since I’m very lazy, I bet I can’t. LOL

      Yeah. Me too! My greatest number of posts in a month would be this month. I currently have 15 posts this November and some of them are not yet finished while some of them, I haven’t even started only the title. But nevermind yours, you’re already popular here. ^^

      I’m from Katip, QC.

      How about you? Do you come back here often? I mean, in the Philippines?

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