by: Roxy Cabral

Longing for the past,

Filled with bittersweet mem’ries,

I want to go back.

It has been 6 months already since I was with my family back in the province

I really miss them. I miss my home. I miss its ambience. I miss my room.

I miss everything.

I find it hard to adjust. And it’s taking me so long.

My number one Christmas wish,

is to see them once more.

I want to spend every second, every minute of my life with them.

No one can ever really love and care for you except your family.

I miss their faces, I miss their voice.

Although, occasionally, one by one, they’d visit me,

But I long to see them altogether.

I want to go,

to where they are.

I want to fill my heart with joy, with bliss, with contentment.

I just want to be with them once more.

Have you ever felt like this? You feel so lonely and you think that the only solution is to see your loved ones once again…

Advance Merry Christmas, everyone!


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