Boy band fever in the 90s~

If you are a 90s kid, then you’ll definitely know boy bands like A1, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, N’sync and Blue. OH MY GOSH! I can’t help but reminisce them!

Yesterday, I was listening to their songs on my new N8 phone. My elder sister was also inside our room reading, Peter Pan. She became engrossed to the movie when she went back home in the province. She suddenly became obsessed after watching that movie on our DVD because she said she was bored watching shows on TV.

Anyways, I was singing with all my heart while listening to Summertime of our Lives by A1 and then after a song or two, she was singing with me, too. Sadly, I only had 10 songs of the 90s boy bands combined and I have nothing else to play. So she turned on the laptop to watch old music videos on Youtube. We watched at the same time. She also researched about the boy bands’ career in the present.

A1 only stayed as a group for three years. But now, they came back but only the three of them. I can still remember the looks of our faces when we were little kids. I know I was only in first grade back then. My elder sister was in 6th grade. I also had a three year old baby sister and a kindergartner sister and our maid(Her name is Ate Edna). We were really close to our maids before to the point that we play with them and my elder sister used to gossip about stuff with them. Now the funny thing is that, since A1 was composed of four members, we each had our own crush. I know for sure that all four of us were fighting for Ben Adams. Yes, even my youngest sister, whom I don’t know what she was thinking about back then. (But I do remember that she used to like Dingdong Dantes, a Filipino celebrity on GMA when she was three. Our maid told us when we were at the hospital and after that, we kept on teasing her. Poor old, Bibi! We call her Bibi until she was in Grade 3. I think. But then she got embarrassed since according to her, many of her classmates were questioning her that she wasn’t a baby anymore because she was already big. XD Good old days.)

I don’t know how the pairing turned out but I do know, that my sister liked 2 guys there. She told me it was Paul Marazzi, which I only knew now, yesterday, when we were reminiscing. But I also liked one guy there. His name’s Mark Read. I’m not a hundred percent sure though if I already liked him back then. Maybe I did since I find him okay while watching the old music videos. XD

Music videos in the 90s: I couldn’t get the story behind the song. It’s as if they were only singing and dancing there. I’m just saying. Fashion: Baggy Pants was totally in haha! Effects/Cinematography: There weren’t much of a computer edited/ autotuned voice(thank goodness! 20th Century singers uses a lot of autotunes which you can’t really appreciate. I like to listen to a singer’s natural voice instead). Hairstyle: Katsupoy(hair parting in the center) XD. But hey, Ben looked goood during his awkward katsupoy years. I think he’s the only person I know who can pull off that kind of hairstyle and still look uber hot.

Ben was really handsome and hot in the Ready or Not music video❤. I’ve got to say, he looked best in that mv compared to the others. XD We watched a lot of their MVs in Youtube. If you wanna watch, just type A1vevo for high definition videos and prepare to laugh and to look back and refresh your memory . Or you could also watch their videos on 4shared since some of the videos in Youtube are blocked in other countries like ours. – ____-

Now, we move on to Westlife. I’m not really an avid fan of theirs but they are still included on the 90’s most popular boy bands that “rocked” your world or maybe made your tears of joy revealed everytime you see them in their concerts for those truly dedicated fans out there. They’re an Irish boy band established on July 3 1998. That means I was only turning four back then XD. My sister wasn’t into Westlife she said but my brother was and his friends. I know their song Uptown Girl and memorized it since every radio station used to play this song and also because of MTV and Myx. During top 20 countdowns, my elder sister would get the remote control from us while we were watching cartoons so that she could watch the boy bands. Then as usual, Uptown Girl would get into the charts and I can still fully retrospect the mv even without watching it now and their faces. The first scene. I wasn’t really “inlove” with them.

Her favorite was Backstreet Boys even until now


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