Puss in Boots.


My sister and I watched Puss in Boots yesterday at Gateway. This is my nth movie to watch on theaters. I have seen I guess more or less 20 already this 2011. I wasn’t really an avid fan going to theaters but ever since college days started my older siblings and I have been watching movies on theaters. The first movie I ever watched was Thor! :) Anyways, the Puss in Boots the movie was so hilarious especially the cat that kept on chiming in “OOOOOH” XD. At first I thought that the movie was simply going to be like those typical shows I see on television these days. But as the movie goes on, there has been some twists and thrill. At first we were very few on cinema 7 but soon it was already full. While the movie was being aired, everyone, after every other scene, was laughing and I, too, was. But there were more fake laughs than real ones. XD I thought that they’re happiness were too low. But hey, it’s Puss in Boots!

Humpty Alexander Dumpty became the villain but then Puss had to convince him that he “can do better than this” (He used that line three times to Humpty since her mother scolded them and so he kept on repeating the same line too). But Humpty became a hero too at the end but the village didn’t knew what Humpty did. Even though he died, they vowed that they’ll forever be not just partners on their quest to finding the magic beans but brothers as well.

Kitty Soft Paws,who was masked as a boy cat at first, also changed. At first she only wanted gold but then she realized that she cared for someone more than gold and that was Puss. OOOOH! XD Im becoming a spoiler here for those of you who haven’t watched the movie yet. I say you should. Or if you’re saving money don’t forget to get a copy or watch on HBO after several months later or download torrent on the net. :O

The movie proved that there’s still good in us no matter how little of it are left. That soon, good conquers evil no matter how strong evil is we always try to be good. Like what Confucius says, man is basically good. It is the outside forces that influences us though.

Now, the confusing part of the story was the ending part. The folks of the village dubbed Puss as the Hero of San Ricardo and will forever be but the Commander and his comrades were throwing swords at him. Why did the folks just tell the Commander that he was now a hero for sure. They also kept on chasing Kitty as well. Tell me I’m not just imagining stuff and explain to me why to clear my mind.

I just love his puppy dog eyes. Don’t you? He looked so cute as a kitten. No milk. No mother. No litter box.


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