Live your Dreams.

This is a short story/manuscript about how a girl would change her life for good.

Our professor in LBYMFI1 aka Computer class asked us to write a manuscript about how we are going to achieve our dreams. It could be about anything. We can use any kind of writing. It’s all up to us. He just gave us the font size, margins, minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 10, and page layouts. Now, I know, he’s not going to read this since there are 43 of us in one class. He’s just going to check the flashy outputs/designs you used but I spent 2 days for this and it’s sort of choppy and fast forwarded.

So I used the third person point of view where the main character represents me. There has been quite a lot of changes but hey Liza is me there, well sort of. You get the point! Anyways, enjoy living your dreams as well although I know mine’s not gonna happen since you know, I failed to be qualified for being a 2nd honor Dean’s Lister and that terminates my candidacy for a Laude or an honorable mention for the rest of my 3 year stay in La salle. Uh, let’s get back to the story shall we?

Live Your Dreams.

by Roxy

Of all the students in Westlake Academy, Liza Gonzales was one of the least promising. She was very quiet and reticent with low self-esteem. She finds herself difficult to excel at anything who also rarely shines in the class. She doesn’t hang out much with her friends but rather prefers to stay at home. She is so average at everything even the things she tries her hardest –her grades, her skills, her talents, her looks, her height, her personality and everything. She has been living her seventeen years of existence without ever achieving something nor getting recognized nor praised. She has grown really tired with her life. But this school year, all of these are about to change.

I am going to change for the better, she thought to herself while reading a book about Strategies for Success and Happiness inside her room. Tomorrow is her first day of class as a college student and her first time to impress peers and professors. She’s currently taking up Finance as her major because of her mother’s choice. Because she believes in the saying that mother knows best although she really wanted to take architecture or anything related to arts.

After reading the first 50 pages of the book, she turns her lamplight off beside her bed, put her sleep mask and pray and hope that her first day will turn out pretty well. She set her alarm 6 am for her 8 am class.

* * * * *

            “LIZA! WAKE UP! YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!” Her mom’s voice woke her up from the kitchen. Normally, she wouldn’t shout at her like that but when she shouts then that only means one thing.

As she flutters her eyes to open, she realized that the sun was already shining brightly. She read the time on her phone and it was already 7:38.

Oh fudge! I’m late! She immediately washed her face, and brushed her teeth. It took her a long time to choose what to wear. But since the time was running out she just picked the shirt on the most top, a pair of jeans, and wore her chucks, and brushed her hair. She looked into the mirror and realized that she look hideous. So much for impressing. I look like a high-school-er, coming from a lass who just graduated high school three months ago. She thought of changing but it was already too late. It was already 7:59. She has to go now before she can be marked as absent.

She hitched a cab and rode the subway and got there at 9:00 am sharp. It’s an hour trek school. She ran to her room as fast as she can and went inside awkwardly. (She is attending the same university she entered when she was in high school so she had no trouble finding her classroom. She wanted to go to Ateneo but she was waitlisted and yet didn’t get the chance to be accepted. So Westlake Academy is where she ended up.) The professor looked at her as if she was not a student there.

“Sorry I’m late, sir.” She said in a low voice but the teacher simply ignored her and returned into checking the attendance. I sat at the back of the class and noticed Hilary Rhone, all dolled up, making the Loser sign on her forehead. Hilary constantly bugs her off and insults her and bullies her. None has changed since high school for her. Same old Hilary but she’s grown accustomed to it. They used to be bestfriends when they were in kindergarten but things changed. It turns out that Hilary didn’t want to hang out with Liza anymore because Hilary got bored of her and then that’s the time Hilary gained new friends and was voted as Ms. Popularity in high school. It was easy for Hilary to have friends but for Liza, she only made few close friends. They were Clarissa Brooke and Jane Chan taking up accountancy and architecture, respectively at Westlake Crestwood Academy too.

She examined the room. It was pretty ordinary with air conditioner, projector, seats, computers and such. Next she scanned her new college mates for the Real Estate Law subject. She was surprised to see Kevin Dare, the well known campus heartthrob and her high school crush. Well sculptured face, groomed hair, and nice body. It was not surprising for him to take up business (and so as Hilary) since his parents are known successful businessmen in the city. But his girl’s Hilary. The perfect couple. The two look totally good together. And girls like me don’t get boys like that. Impossible and I’m contented with my life now. Forever alone. She imagines herself in her thirties. Alone. Her thought shifted and was brought back into reality when the prof called her attention since he noticed that she was daydreaming. All eyes were set into her, including Kevin.

“Ms. Gonzales, can you tell me what Real Estate Law is all about?” He asked, rearranging his spectacles and fixing his eyes on her, waiting for her answer.

Hilary didn’t hesitate at all. She stood up because she KNOWS the answer. She memorized it for the last two days since she knew that this question was coming. She cleared her throat and respond, “Real estate law is about the legal problems related to ownership and transfer of real property; attention to landlord-tenant law and the tools of land-use planning and you know- nuisance law, zoning, private restrictions, subdivision control, and eminent domain.” She wasn’t as half as proud of herself since they might know that it was scripted. I should have paused and acted like I didn’t know at first and stammered.

But before she could react, the whole class were clapping like they’ve never seen her( those who knew her from high school) like that. Usually she would just answer that she doesn’t know and laugh. But now, it’s different. In her peripheral view, she can see Kevin half smiling, gazing at her. And the prof was a little impressed too but followed up a question.

“A “Mr. Smith” sent a letter to me agreeing to sell a house to me for a certain price. The house was described as “the house located at 100 Acme Drive, Acme, Mississippi.”  Does this letter contain a sufficient description to evidence of an enforceable contract?”, he smiled, knowing that Hilary can’t answer this one. But he doesn’t know that she has read this back when she bought a book about the particular subject on summer. She was prepared for her subjects. All of them. She didn’t do anything last summer except to read, and read, and of course, do a little surfing on the internet.

She paused to think and then stammered, “A le- A letter evidencing an agreement from the seller of real estate to a potential buyer which fails to adequately describe the property involved in the sale would not be sufficient evidence of an enforceable contract.  The description of the land must be adequate in order to allow the appropriate court to tell exactly what land is being referred to. Since no boundaries are set forth in the letter, the agreement would not be enforceable.” She sat down as soon as she finished her response. Again, another round of applause was conferred on her. And she liked it like that. The professor was very impressed.

“Very well explained, Ms. Gonzales,” Mr. Cook eulogized her and wrote an asterisk beside Liza’s name on the class list. He was expecting her to be like that until the very end and hoped that it wouldn’t just be a ningas kugon.

Liza was really happy too. Never did she have ever been praised for good work or for anything. She reminded herself to constantly work for this and be the student who studies from day to night to repay her debt of gratitude to her parents and to thank them as well. She will. That’s what she opts to do. No disturbances. Just focus and discipline. Without too much internet gaming and infatuations.

Years passed and she constantly works on her homework, quizzes and does advanced reading. She was then favoured by almost all of her teachers on every subject. She realized that studying is neither a suffering nor a problem. She enjoyed studying and it became her hobby. There was nothing to lose. No better opportunity cost than learning and gaining new knowledge.

Soon, the result for the her last term was posted and she was very happy since she was a Second Honor Dean’s Lister(again) and was a candidate for Magna Cum Laude. So her friends, Jane and Clarissa, told her that there was a need for a celebration. Liza didn’t hesitate at all. She wanted to live her life to the fullest by now. She wanted to celebrate her happiness. They all agreed to celebrate at Conzhone, a newly opened restaurant just 5 blocks away from her apartment. She donned her best dress on, put some make-up on because of the influences of Jane and Clarissa, who became all girly-girls and fashionistas ever since the first day of college began, ironed her hair to make it a little wavy, and wore her three-inch pumps to add confidence. She also lost some pounds because of hectic schedule and studying. She became a proper and a fine-looking lady now from a duckling to a swan and also was more confident of herself. Who knew that it would turn out like this? Liza had no idea that the reality even surpassed her expectations. The past and her hard work had boosted up her ego. She took a glimpse of herself on the mirror with confidence and went off.

It was a cool summer night with the moon at its brightest. When she was at the place, the doorman smiled at her and opened the door for her. She was surprised to see her peers and batch mates there. The place was really a Party-themed. Disco balls, lighting dance floor, DJs, large radio set, balloons, and a “Congratulations, Liza!” tarpoline. She was even more bolted from the blue when she saw her parents there waving at her with her aunts and uncles, too. They planned this for her. She was teary-eyed. She went to them and thanked them and her parents told her how they were really proud of her. She hugged the two of them and told them that all of them should celebrate at their house together as a family. They all agreed and congratulated her once again.

Soon, Jane and Clarissa greeted her and they talked for a while and then came Kevin, who chimed in on the conversation. He asked her how was her and she told him that she’s doing fine. She noticed that he wasn’t with Hilary and asked him.

“It wasn’t working,” he replied, dropping off the subject.

“Okay” She said and decided to stop asking for more. She doesn’t want Hilary to be in the topic anyway.  Although she’s really curious what happened between the two.

“Do you want to grab a drink or something?” he asked.

“Sure,” Her cheeks turned red. She’s really new to this boy-girl, girl-boy conversation especially when it’s just the two of them hanging out. They sat at the farthest seat so few people could see them. She didn’t know what to talk about. Kevin noticed this and decided to start the chat. At first, it was awkward for the both of them but as time passed by, they were enjoying themselves. They were talking about their childhood, their life, their family, and Kevin’s ex’s like all normal couples do. They’ve been talking for hours and people were leaving now. Then suddenly Kevin blurted out the words, “I like you”. That he really admired her when she stood up and answered Cook’s queries. He saw her determination and perseverance even though she was fashionably late. He said sarcastically. Then, they laughed.

“Can I take you a walk home?”

She nodded and smiled without any reluctance.

As they were strolling on the side walk, her phone rang. It was the company from which she had her on-the-job training with the Corporate Affairs Department. She knew what was coming. She answered and tried not to sound too excited.


“Hi, Ms. Gonzales. I’m Natalie Coleman from Wide Reach Marketing Company. How would you like to be the head of the Finance Department? For starters, we know you have the capability to lead and further improve your leadership potential. Who knows? You might get promoted as VP next year.” She joked and laughed.

“Oh yes please. You wouldn’t be disappointed. You can count on me.”

“Okay then. You’ll start next week. 8 am. Bye!”

Liza screamed with joy. She knew she was the happiest person on earth.

She remembered what she used to think always back when she was tagged as a loser with no social life and how she really wanted to change that. I’ll live my life like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve been alive for seventeen years now but I still have nothing.

Gone were the days when she looks at herself as a scared, insecured, little girl. Gone were the days when she was a bud waiting for its time to bloom. It was transforming an ugly duckling into a graceful swan.