Leonardo Dicaprio and Jesse Mccartney are look-a-likes!

I just watched Titanic recently and I couldn’t help but fall with Leo/Jack when I was watching the whole film. He was really cute back when he was still young. He’s got that sexy and mysterious look. Lol!

BUT, I’m not here to talk about the movie.

I’m here to compare the looks of Leonardo Dicaprio(during when Titanic was launched) and Jesse Mccartney.

Yesterday, my sister and I were listening to Jesse Mccartney’s Shake and Body Language. Then I suddenly remembered Leo and I asked her who is more handsome, Leo or Jesse. She immediately answered Leo and I couldn’t disagree with that! But then I told her that they look the same during their teenage years. She disagreed with me. But she told me also that Jesse’s looking more like Leo when he is getting older. Now in Filipino version, this is what she told me exactly: “Pero nagiging kamukha na ni Jesse si Leo habang tumatanda na”. I agreed with her.

So this is their comparison! Ta-da!

Don’t you think they kinda look alike?

Only difference is that Leo’s eyes are somewhat smaller, sharper and edgier compared to Jesse’s.  Jesse’s are rounder and bigger.(I guess. :)))



Happy Mother’s Day!

I know it has been quite late but still to show my token of gratitude and my acts of appreciation, I would not pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness to write this simple yet consequential blog. Today, I dedicate this blog for the best person in the whole world, my mom.

My mom and I haven’t been really close not until I became mature enough to understand what it really is to be like a mother. I have been really understanding ever since that very unforgettable moment in my life, the part of which I can’t mention to the public. She was there for me even up ’til midnight just to show how concerned she was for me. After that, I began to compensate her love with mine through my studies.

During my sophomore and junior years, I became like somewhat a “rebel” in the family. I had to admit that I didn’t pay any attention to my studies anymore because of , let say, bad influences around me. I started to get line of seven in the card for the very first time in my life. Guess what subject it was? Chinese. 79%. I cried at that time. My parents scolded me and said stuff about how hard it was to earn money. (You can presume that we’re not that rich which is true. We only belong to the middle class.) I didn’t see through their labor and didn’t  quite comprehend. But I promised that I would never get line of seven again. In the second quarter I was really happy because I had no line of seven and I belonged to the class honors. After that achievement, I got contented and started to get easy-going again. I got line of seven in the third quarter and somehow got “used” to it until I stepped into my third year in high school.

But things changed when I got hospitalized. I became more mature and more spiritual. Instead of getting mad why on earth this happened to me, I became closer to Him, my parents, my siblings, and the people around me. It turned out to be beneficial because it molded me to who I am now. I started to realize what my  parents have kept on doing since the day I was born and that was to raise us, and to nurture us to be upright children and citizens. They have been working for us not only to live but to provide us with good education and in turn get a nice job in the future.

Now my mom and I got really close. She does not scold me like a ten year old anymore as I, have said, gotten more mature. Sometimes, we would go shopping together. And sometimes she would even take my side when my siss and I are quarreling. I got more sipsip to her, I guess. That’s not a bad thing, right? But we don’t say the words “I love you” to each other because that tradition does not run in our family. Yeah, we’re not used to that. Still, actions speak louder that words.

One way to repay them is to study hard because this is what students are supposed to do. One day, I’m going to get my mom climb up into the stage to don me that medal. I can see it now. Her teary eyes bursting with pride and happiness. Her aura full with exuberance. Her smile loaded with bliss. This is what she wants to happen and she is expecting this from me. I don’t want to break that expectation because I failed her, my dad, my aunt, my entire family once. I don’t want that to happen again.

Nowadays, in my senior life, I started to like studying and it, somewhat, became my hobby. I realized that learning can be so much fun. We all know that a legendary beauty passes away, our material possessions can be taken away from us  but we can’t make our mind and thoughts go away. Perhaps the most important thing one can do for himself and his future and his family, which will automatically include generations to come, is to challenge himself to commit to being a student for life as the pursuit for knowledge is one of the smartest investments one will ever make.

Another way to compensate them is to be an obedient daughter. Once they say this and that, I immediately say yes. However I get really lazy sometimes to run errands for them. My mom even decided what course I should take in college. Of course, I heeded without any question or complaint since they know what’s good for me. Especially that mother knows best.

Also, I always give respect to them by using “po” in after every word. Like for example, “Mama po, pupunta po daw po kami po sa po school po bukas po”. Now start ignoring the example because I know you know that that was a joke. Not a funny one. I knew that. Nonetheless, I never ever forget using “po” to my mom and dad, and to old people. That’s a sign of respect that a Filipino should never leave behind.

Furthermore, when our maids go out on their vacation, I would wash the dishes because I know that my mom’s really tired after work. Imagine yourself working from 8 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon and when you get yourself into your way home, you would still cook, clean, and wash, and scold your kids about the mess they made. Top that. My mom’s like that when our ates aren’t around. So I take part of the washing of the dishes. ;) And my younger sis takes part of the cooking. She’s a way better cook than I am. :)) I only know how to cook eggs and rice and hotdogs. :))

There are many other ways that we are and will be able to express our gratitude to them and I only named a few. We should start thanking them by our own little ways before it’s too late. Make your parents proud and start now. It’s better late than never.

Again, happy mother’s day, mama and all to the moms out there! Your big day has arrived and I hoped you enjoyed it specifically my mom since we were not around when her big day was out. She was on Palawan and my 2 older sibs were in Manila, and my dad and my 2 younger siss were in Naga. We didn’t had the opportunity to celebrate it. But we got in contact with her through text and facebook. See how technology keeps all of us in touch nowadays? A very great help, indeed.

We all know how all of you had dedicated your life just to provide us our needs.Thank you, moms! You’re all one of a kind. Nothing and no one can ever replace you and your love. I love you, mom. :)

Here’s some pictures of my mom when she was in Palawan.