Chapter 1


Chapter 1-

I woke up startled from the dream I just had. I was in an isolated island. The sky showed no stars and the only source of illumination was the full moon. The sea breeze was cold yet damp. I haven’t got a clue to tell what time it was. I heard nothing except for the sounds of the waves. I wandered around the shore and as I did, to my surprise, I saw a beautiful maiden, about twenty feet away, dressed in silky white. Her long, smooth, brown hair was tied. She was about the same age as mine. She was looking at the serene sea. But her expression was sad like she had done something wrong and regretted whatever it might be. I squinted and noticed that tears trickled on her rosy cheeks. On her right hand, she was holding something small and shiny. Gradually, I became aware that she was holding a scalpel. Her hands were trembling. I ran towards her kicking sands behind me and paused. She lifted her hands up while holding the knife and pointed it on her chest.

“Stop! “ I shouted. My voice sounded more like of a squeak rather than a scream.

She dropped the knife on the sand and turned to me. I was only a foot away from her now. Her dark brown eyes met mine. Her cheeks were bright red because of crying. I didn’t know what to do. I could have stand there the whole night if she did not run away from me towards the back of the island.

I was shocked there for a moment. I grabbed her knife on the sand and followed her immediately.


I’m still not yet done with it.  Please don’t copy this because I’m planning to turn this into a book. (ows?) Anyway, I also haven’t thought about what’s gonna happen next nor its plot. :| This suddenly just came out into my mind when I had nothing else to do on the computer. I started writing. o_O